Monday, January 27, 2014

~ He Has Prepared You ~


I am not sure if any of you other singletons (or really anyone for that matter)struggle with this like I do, but just in case I’ll go ahead and share .  I wrote here about my sick day madness and how 95% of the time I am 100% content with my singleness . I have many a single friend male and female who for the most part feel the same . However, I believe we all have those moments when much to our dismay we toss our hands in the sky and shout to the heavens . Mine tend to go like this , “I NEED A MAN!!!” .  Possibly to a man’s dismay this usually only happens in times of distress . No disrespect . I hope this doesn’t leaving you fella’s feeling used, but this single lady isn’t all that concerned with you putting a ring on it . But in times of distress such as sick day delusions , the mysterious light in my car that appears to be an ancient hieroglyphic or like today when a sock got stuck in the vacuum cleaner , I seem to immediately toss my hands and raise my voice crying out that I am not enough . Today’s incident was rather ironic because I had just been debating a blog post that I have wanted to write for several days, but haven’t exactly been able to sort it all out in my head . One of the topics for that post being the idea that a child reacts to their environment , i.e. a environment of chaos creates a child of chaos . I had been washing dishes, putting up laundry and had praise music playing in the back ground . As I shuffled through the house I noticed Jack on the chair fighting to keep his eyes open seeming so very peaceful . Yes, my dog is often the inspiration to my maternal ideas . DON’T JUDGE ! Anyway , moments after as I vacuumed I found myself throwing my hands in the air and raising my voice because I had somehow gotten a sock caught in the vacuum . As I raised my voice and jerked to stop the machine Jack leaped from his spot and began barking like a mad dog , a reaction he tends to reserve for surprise guests or loud claps of thunder . IMMEDIATELY my prior thoughts came to mind , my reaction caused his reaction . In my time as a RD I learned the value of a good poker face , voice and stance . How did I let that valuable knowledge slip so quickly from my arsenal of coping mechanisms ?!  
1 Thessalonians 5:24 The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it .

Upon realizing that I was freaking out for no good reason I lowered my reaction, turned off the vacuum , lay it on its side to see if I could visualize the sock and when I couldn’t I rather defeated went to get my tool set . Yes , I own a tool set , no it is not pink , yes valentines is coming up and a pink tool kit would be an amazing way to change my mind on the topic of my singleness , but I digress . I took a few pieces off of the vacuum , once again attempting to locate the sock and hoping  that it wasn’t inside the inner workings of the vacuum , when wouldn’t you know there it was !! All crumpled up , dirtier that it went in , and with some new holes . After removing the sock, reassembling my vacuum and putting my tools back to their proper place I had a notion , “He Has Prepared You “. I mean , I have heard this phrase in church , small groups , songs , and devotionals but have for the most part only related it to “Big” ideas  like missions !
Elisabeth Elliott - " I am responsible to do what I meant to do . "
But as I reflect on today I think about the text I got from a friend who needed a few groceries and the Lord in unexpected ways provided the exact things they needed , I hear  the voice of a family member reporting good news from the doctor and I think of my foolish sock and my foolish self both causing more drama than they need over a situation I was fully equipped to handle . Whether it is a sock in the vacuum , a need , or something on a larger scale it is so important for ME to keep in mind that He has prepared me . With His help , I am enough . Today I had the things I needed to handle and even fix the situation .  I believe that if I take a moment to truly assess I will find that I always have what I need to handle it and if I don’t then I can rest in the knowledge that not only does He prepare, but He provides .
Hebrews 13:21 NLT "may he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to him. All glory to him forever and ever! Amen."
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