Wednesday, January 8, 2014

~ God is Everywhere ~

If any of you are my fb friends you will already know that I am having a rough week . Several weeks ago I came down with a cold that I thought I had kicked when on Sunday night/Monday morning it came a calling . I'm sure that being sick always makes our brains a little fuzzy , but this week I have really been wondering if mine is even still in there . Here are few of the last few days hi lights .

        ~ baked a loaf of bread....with a knife in it
        ~ turned on the microwave....with nothing in it
        ~ feel asleep w/ a cough drop in my mouth , had a dream my tooth feel out ,  
         woke up with said cough drop in my mouth 100% sure it was my tooth
         ~ nearly ran over my g'parents in the grocery parking lot
         ~ left the store with out my prescription

So, it's been a doozy and it's only Wednesday . Today I was complaining to a very good friend of mine who is always supportive of my venting . She's a saint ! I am sure of it ! As I listed off my never ending complaints of the day I realized what a punk I sounded like . So, in a effort to change my mood I started listing off the good or not so bad things of the day instead . She , as a good friend is , was quick to support both of my moods . As I type this I can only think of a line from "Twilight" (don't judge) , "Your mood swings are giving me whiplash" . Well, believe it or not the focusing on the good and not so bad of my day/week really did help....for the moment . It is in times like these that I am reminded our enemy never rests . He is ever at the ready for our weakest of moments . After going to the store to gather more sick supplies and leaving with out the one thing I needed most , my prescription , I arrived home and decided to simply give up on today . I feel awful , the weather is freezing quiet literally , and at this point I was getting a migraine .

All day I found myself saying , " it is times like these that being alone is hard " . I would say that about 95% of the time I am 100% content in my singleness . Most of my friends would be quick to tell you that I kinda think marriage is cray cray , but I mean I support your life choices . LOL!! However, there is that other 5% of the time where I find myself thinking , if only I had someone !!! A roommate , a boyfriend , a husband..... a ASSISTANT !!!! I'm not really waxing poetic on love here so much as I am a staff ! Anyway , tonight as I began my prayer journal I started by asking God this , "Lord - Why does being sick make being alone so much harder ? " . I must say He is at times a rather quick responder . After writing that sentence I opened my new devotional book , "Jesus Calling " by Sarah Young . First sentence , "Softly I announce My presence" . Did you get chills ? Cause I did . Third - fifth sentences , "The weaker you are , the more gently I approach you . Let your weakness be a door to My presence. Whenever you feel inadequate remember that I am your ever-present Help " . WOW !!!! He is so quick to come to our aid and never leaves us truly alone ! After my reading and journaling I gathered up more cough drops , tissues, and headed to bed . When I looked down at my cough drops I saw the following printed on them , "Bet on yourself" , " Hi-five yourself" , and maybe my favorite "Don't give up on yourself " . ON MY COUGH DROPS !!!!!! God is everywhere . He is quick to our aid and knows exactly what we need and when we will need it . He will be sure to get His message to us in whatever way required.....even on a cough drop .
So, while this week has not been my best it has surely been far from my worst . I share this all with you not to give myself a hi-five as the cough drop suggests , but to keep in check the fact that I am Selfish to think that all that He does in my world is simply for me . My blog is called The Faith Journals because I want to continue to share what He is doing,  has done and what I believe He is going to do in my life so that others might find hope in Him .
Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction , faithful in prayer .

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