Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~ My Papaw Can Whoop Your Papaw ~

I mentioned in this previous post that I spent most of today running errands . It is a snowy day which added some joy to the monotony of errand running . Also, two of my errand lead to some unplanned family time which is always nice . One being taking breakfast to my grandparents . I am rarely out and about during their breakfast time so today was a opportunity to surprise them with some donuts . While Mamaw and I waited on Papaw to return from running some of his own errands she told me another story from their early years of marriage . In my post about Papaws Birthday and Christmas 2012 I mentioned his time in the Navy . It would seem that Mamaw's "time in the Navy" was almost just as important .

Mamaw use to bowl in a league with other officer wives when stationed in Texas . I share that part because you just never know what relationship is going to end up being important......for more reasons than you might expect . Apparently Papaw use to " fight like a tiger ". I think I have this image in my head of what he may have been like then . Based on today's story I am not far off in my thinking .
This pic has something to w/ my mental image for sure !

One time papaw found him self scrapping with the wrong fellow . Wondering if her hubby would be "thrown in the brig" , Mamaw mentioned the situation to one of her bowling buddies......a captains wife . Luckily this conversation lead to papaws freedom from fear of the brig . I didn't think to ask if it stopped him from brawling , but I can only assume it did......eventually . While she told this short story I kept thinking about how important her role as wife and mother was in his role as a Navy man . One of my besties is a Army wife . I look at her , Mamaw , and all other military wives as unseen hero's . I think we tend to neglect the sacrifice and investment the family makes . Anyway..........

I love these random bits and pieces that family will share at random times . I fear if told you all the stories my entertaining  family shares it would only make you jealous that you aren't one of us . So, while I debate who and what to share with you next from my oh so colorful family tree won't you please share a family story with us ? Feel free to comment with your family fun !! One of the reasons I enjoy sharing family notes is because I think it helps us all feel a little more connected and little less crazy ! :-)
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