Friday, June 7, 2013


(Not all besties are pictured in this blog. Some I need more tech advanced photo's of since our last photo op, others I can't find the pic on this computer and some we've simply avoided the camera.)


Since tomorrow is National BFF Day I thought it only appropriate to take a moment to brag, love and reminisce on the beauty that is my besties . I'm in the process of reading a book that is rocking my world . In one of the chapters one of the writers mentioned their daughter struggling over the idea of a "Best Friend" . That she genuinely just loved all of her friends, each one for different and special reason . The writer believes that instead of making a sweeping declaration of who her BFF is that she instead whispers into each of their ears that they are her favorite . As I read this little story I giggled because I understood exactly what this little girl was feeling and why . With every bridesmaid invitation my mother tells me "you don't have to be in every one's wedding!!" and I seem to always respond with, "but they're so special to me". I have been blessed with some of the most amazing friends a girl could ever ask for . I have written here , here , and here about some of the special people my life has been blessed with . I have always felt that since I wasn't blessed with siblings I was instead blessed with some wonderful friends that might as well be brothers and sisters .

There have been many life events shared such as weddings , births , first homes , new jobs, relocation's and so much more . Just today a friend sent me a text with the exciting news that "she got the job !!" ,  a few weeks ago one of my BFF's gave birth to twins , one graduated with her SECOND masters degree, one had her wisdom teeth removed this week and two others are riding their bikes across a state for Cancer!! These are good people . I do not doubt that I am blessed .

This summer I will even have the chance to reunite with two of my besties . I look forward to experiencing new travels, laughs, and memories with them . As I look through pictures it is amazing to me how many memories we have . One of the most powerful realizations I've had in the recent  weeks has been what a gift it is to have friends that not only love you, but love God . In my down times I tend to forget who I really am . It is in these moments I need people who really know me , my heart, and my God to help snap me back into place . Just a few weeks ago I had two friends do just that for me by speaking truth , wisdom and love as directly and specifically as possible . I'm so grateful God uses those around us to remind us of how much HE cares .

One of my favorite things to do with my favorites is introduce them to each other . Nothing pleases me more than my friends becoming friends !! You know the phrase "it takes a village" ? Well, I like my village and it surely has taken each one of them to make into the person I am today . It will probably continue taking them to help become the person I am suppose to be tomorrow . As I get to be "Aunt Stacie" to their babies I get emotional realizing how these friendships will reflect love to these little ones . The way we keep up , support , pray for , speak truth too, and love each other will be the example for the next generation of what friendship is .

I hope that as you go about your Saturday you take a moment to drop a text , email, FB message or even call one of your BFF's . These are the siblings we choose !!!! I look forward to what is next for all of my friends, their families , jobs, ministries and every other step they take .

It so wonderful to experience life together , even when we are far apart .
Happy Best Friends Day !!!!
Celebrate by braiding a friendship bracelet or two.

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