Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cup Cakes ! Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

No body panic . I'm not suggesting some sort of repurpose for cup cakes . I mean, their main purpose of being awesome and yummy are pretty spot on . While I love a sweet treat when I grocery shop I do my best to keep it on the perimeter of the store . It was once suggested that the more healthy and good for you foods are going to be along the rim of the store . Example: fruits, vegetables , organically grown foods, chicken , fish , eggs , milk , etc. All of that is found out side of an isle . The isles tend to contain the more processed and not so good for us, but yet oh so yummy cookies, soda , chips, etc . Now this is my no means all inclusive. Of course you can find good on the isle and bad on the outskirt for example , ice cream is also not found in a isle and canned tuna can be found in a isle . So, there is always an exception . Anyway , this attempt at shopping the rims has brought some new containers into my home . As you know I like to bring my own bags when I shop in a attempt to reduce my use of "disposable" bags .  So, of course with these new containers I immediately began thinking of what else they could be used for .
Try to pretend like I hadn't already eaten
a tomato when this pic was taken.
I love baking and sending the baked goods off for others to enjoy . I even like to make special baked goods such as PupCakes for my four legged friends . As I looked at this container I put the two together and saw a perfect reuse . CUPCAKES!!!!! They fit perfectly into the spaces already created in the container .
CUPCAKES!!!!! Notice none are missing.
With a little bit of ribbon they will make for a sweet treat !!

I am super excited to have found such a perfect container for this delivery . Traveling with cupcakes can be tricky. They tip over , they get smooshed, etc. but this will be a wonderful "to-go" box !! This week my tomatoes came in a mesh/net bag. I plan to simply cut the label and reuse the bag as a produce bag for my next grocery trip .
What have you repurposed lately ?
Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose

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