Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lessons Learned from Jack Davis Paw~t One

I say Part One because I feel like as time goes on there will be more . He is a smart pup ya know ?! I know , I know , I talk about my dog toooo much . I post too many pictures . I dress him like he is human and that's just wrong . Blah blah blah blah and so on . I can't even help it and I don't even care . I love little Jack Davis and That lil' Pup loves me . Dogs truly are man's best friend and a most loyal of companions. As I found out yesterday when I left Jack at home alone . This is nothing new, but since I've been home more these days he has gotten use to my constant presence making little times away a bit more stressful for him . When I got home I found that Jack had taken his clothes out of his toy basket and one by one made a trail from the bedroom to the kitchen . Shirts, scarves , collars, and bandanna's lined my hall way . I can only assume he was trying to run away, one out fit at a time . This morning as I was straightening up the house a bit I got the giggles wondering what was going on in that little guys mind while I was away yesterday . Chances are he was planning to find out where I had went . But like his mother....he needed to pack the appropriate clothing . Today after checking the mail and letting Jack wander the yard I sat down to enjoy the beautiful day . Jack decided to do the same . He loves to just sit in the grass and let the wind blow his snout and ears . Notice how he has his back turned to me .

As we sat out side enjoying the weather and quiet Jack decided to come a little closer to where I was sitting . He laid down as content as could be and began looking around at the flowers , bumble bee's and birds moving around him . It is unnatural for Jack to allow a bird to be near him and not chase it , but this afternoon he just wanted to be near me . Even as I write he is laying beside my chair with one of his toys . While we sat out side I was thinking about what I might do today , when I would do my Bible reading/devo's,  what needed to be done in the house , what kind of energy did I have , etc. Then I went back to thinking about Jack and how he is so content to simply be near me . Doesn't have to be right up in my lap , being petted, fed or otherwise . He just enjoys and finds peace being near me . Yes, I'm going to make a spiritual correlation and I don't care who judges me . As the idea of Jacks peace and contentment settled in my mind my heart jumped out of my chest with the realization that this is exactly how God wants me to feel about being near Him . It is not a demand , it is not just for spoiling , feeding , or praising me....or Him . It is simply about being together and finding peace and contentment in that .  
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
See to Jack I am the only one in his little puppy brain who knows exactly how to feed him , walk him , praise him , bathe him , play , and even discipline him . If someone else goes to smack his little bottom for doing something wrong he growls at them and snaps back . However when his momma does it he hangs his sweet head low and knows that he has done something wrong .  I react the same way !!! If someone else tries to tell me I'm in the wrong more times than not I will probably growl and snap, but when my Heavenly Father does it.....wooo weee do I hang my sweet little head low and know that I have done wrong . I'm sure people with children have made this God the Father relational correlation long ago, but for this single girl with only a four legged child this is a first .
Busted trying to sneak into
Mommy's bed .
Jack & Papaw
(perhaps his second fave person in the world)
Luke 12:7 Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.
With Jack our relationship is that I am not only his owner or master , but in his pup mind because he has been with me since he was old enough to leave his mom and siblings , I am his mom . I am his alpha . He listens to me . Knows my words, tones, my schedule , our home and car . He knows where his bed is and he knows the difference in his bed and mommy's bed . He knows where his bowls of kibble and water are, his toy box , he even knows where I keep the treats hidden . He also trusts me to feed him , keep water in his bowl , etc.  He even knows the difference of when I am sick or well and behaves differently in those times . One time I was very ill and in bed . My Papaw brought over some food while I slept. I never knew he had been in the house , but later Papaw told me that he had come over to deliver food and that Jack didn't greet him at the door or bark . So, Papaw out of curiosity came further into the house to see where Jack might be , knowing that I was in my bedroom asleep he was sure to not alarm Jack when he found him. Well, where he found him was on the end of my bed just at my feet. He said Jack raised his head and wagged his tail. Letting Papaw know that he saw him , but he couldn't leave his mom . AHAHAHA!!! Papaw got a real kick out of it. The fact Jack didn't bark or leave me made a impression on Papaw  . This is Jacks home as much as it is mine . While he is in my care he is going to be sure to obey me , love me , protect me (as much as a 12lb ball of fur can) and stick near to me wherever I go . And when he finds himself far from me he is going to do what he can to get back to me .
Philippians 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 6:31-32 Therefore do not be anxious, saying , "What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek after all these things , and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.
I think through my time in the word, prayer and relational living in the presence of the Holy Spirit I can say God feels the same . As long as we are His we will obey , love and stick near to Him even when we are ill or far from Him . He will protect us and stick near to us never leaving our side . I want to be a reflection of loyalty to our God . If only I could be as faithful as my sweet pup is . Jack never wonders if I will be back, he just wonders when . He never doubts that I will feed him , keep him warm, or if I will provide the other things he needs to be a happy puppy . He just trusts me to do those things . Ever seen a uncared for animal ? Desperation is in their eyes , sometimes anger , or the scares of abuse . They say if you rescue a animal you'll never find a more grateful being . They know what they have been saved from . Are we the same as humans ? Do we know what we have been saved from ? Can others find a more grateful being after rescue ? I can't say that every day I express my gratefulness like I should, but with today's eye opening I hope to do better .
Psalm 13:5
But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.
Today my take away is that God is good even when I am not . He is loyal and provides for my every need . In such a time of loneliness He even provided my faithful companion Jack Davis . I often say , "Jack Davis what would I do with out you?" . It is good to be responsible for something other than myself . I enjoy caring for him . Even if others find me a bit ridiculous that is fine with me . Instead of the crazy cat lady I'll be the crazy dog lady .
What has God used that is out of the ordinary to
reveal Himself and His love to you ?
Happy Saturday !


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  1. One, my Kady gets so mad at me and will not look at me either, but still wants to sit close and two, everything you said is so true and I think God uses whatever necessary to teach us, even our precious pups (God backwards is dog) and my Kady has been there for me through a lot of tears and bad days, so you go ahead and love Jack as much as you want and spoil him you