Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Re-Post ~ Show Some Love ~ Valentines 2014

LU Snow Day - Epic Snow Ball Fight of 99'.
Over the years I have learned that Valentines and weather can bring out the worst in us and the best in us......the weird in us and the silly . With snopocalypse happening outside right now I am seeing it bring out a lot of the silly in us . I have loved seeing everyone's pictures and reading their posts about making snowmen , snow cream , and sledding . I got a text from a friend tonight discussing some snow ball tossing , I read the post of another friend hesitant to go out in the snow so late in the evening , and my response to both was , DO IT !!!!! Some of my favorite winter memories are those with dorm and house mates goofing off in the snow . My last year in chatt I was awakened by approximately 100 snow balls thrown at my apartment window at one time . When I went to see what in the world was happening , there stood the majority of campus awaiting my participation in the most epic snow ball fight ever . I am pretty sure several nearly died....not from the snow balls so much as un sportsman like behavior . It was awesome !! The year I lived with my besties in VA we had a snow that we still talk about . Two roomies made what is called "the death slide" , because those who slid down it....nearly died . It sure did leave a bruise the size of a basketball on one roommates leg . Then we went sledding and two of us doubled down to experience what could easily be entered into the luge event at Sochi .
Chattanooga Epic Snowball Fight of 11'
What does this have to do with Valentines ? It's all what you make of it I say . Yes , it is not the easiest day for some folks and for others it is a day that will change their life . Engagements , marriages , break ups , births , the list goes on and on . I have spent the day in the past with a cumulonimbus following me everywhere I went and I have spent the day focused on other things/people . I can say for dern sure that the focusing on something else was far more productive . You don't have to be caught up in a romance for it to be a wonderful day . And after all , it is just one day ! If you are single and finding it difficult to survive the day/focus on something(one) else then I say turn up the jams (cause most will be snowed in anyway ) , break out the hair brush and do some singing and dancing around the house . You ROCK ! You know it ! That was some of the best advice I was given . It sounds crazy , but I swear.....it works !! Watch a slasher movie . I know , most unromantic thing ever . Eat your favorite foods , drink your favorite drinks , hang out with your favorite people and celebrate being you . You ARE AWESOME !! This is not a self help quote , it is a matter of fact . I look at my single friends and they are legit !! I mean , why wait till your b-day to celebrate being you ?!
This Valentines I have spent time trying my best to make sure that those I love , know they are loved . Whether it was a valentine in the mail , a blog post , a text , food delivered or whatever . I don't want Friday to come and go with some one I care for thinking that no one loves them . YOU ARE LOVED !!!!! Make the most of the day and let someone know they are loved !!
LU Snow Day 99' - That time the fountain was filled
with snow.....so we played in it .


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