Saturday, February 6, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 6 ~ Guard Your Heart ~

I'll be honest and share with you this is something I struggle with . The Lord sent me Proverbs 4:23 " Above all else , guard your heart , for everything you do flows from it ." , my sophomore year of college . I have been using it as a filter and clinging to it as a truth ever since . I have shared it with countless friends , students and loved ones and prayed it over fellow singles as they sort their emotions... & thoughts about a prospective someone . For me , it is so much easier to just board up my heart and pretend it doesn't exists than it is to take the discipline it requires to actually guard it . To guard ones heart is a active and constant process that flows into all areas of our life not just our love life , as stated in the scripture . My prayer for you as we approach Valentines , but also just in life generally , is that the Lord would allow you the strength to keep a softened heart and the knowledge to discern what that softened heart needs guarding from . Don't let the things that haven't happened yet , aren't going as expected or seem impossible keep you defeated . God is for you , has a plan for you and is making a way . Trust His timing for your life in all areas . Guard your heart from the lies and time lines of this world . God has His own timeline and it is the best .

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