Thursday, February 4, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 2 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 2 ~
~ The One ~
Having worked in a college environment for so long I had the opportunity to see a variety of people in a variety of relationships .  So many people settle just because they are tired of being on their own or feeling lonely . I heard a pastor say once , " you think you're lonely now ?! Settle and marry the wrong person and tell me how lonely you are then . " It left an undeniable mark on me when it came to the importance of waiting on God in this area of ones life . Single , dating or even engaged friends , it isn't worth what you'd get in the settling to try and rush Gods plan for you . PLEASE try to keep in mind the truth that God is FOR you and your best interest is His concern . He is NOT holding out on you . He is at work for you . Rest in the beautiful freedom and peace that can bring . 📱❤️😘 #Regram #Valentines2016 #Day2 #NewYears2016 #Day33 #HeIsForYou #HeIsWithYou #HeHasYou #HisPlans> #HisTiming> ❤️ When waiting on God , nothing is wasted .

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