Thursday, February 4, 2016

~ Valentines 2016 ~ #InstaLove ~ Day 3 ~

~ #InstaLove ~
~ Day 3 ~
~ Love Yourself  First ~
As I continue with the #Valentines2016 posts , todays post is about you . Not the person you think is dreamy . Not the person your family thinks you should give your number to . Not the person your friends shoved you " accidentally " into at a restaurant . Not the you, you want/hope to be . Not the you , you use to be . It is about YOU all YOU and who you are RIGHT NOW . Love is like any other word spoken to you in the sense that if you don't believe it for yourself it is a wasted word . Someone can be told they are beautiful/handsome every day , but if they do not believe for themselves it doesn't even matter . Same with love . If you do not believe you are worth loving then you will not be able to believe it when someone tells you they love you . Calling someone , who quite possibly is an amazing person , they are a liar.  I STRONGLY believe in living a bit of life on your own before getting into a serious relationship . It can be a challenge , but it can also be a real joy and eye opener . Eat at a restaurant by yourself , go to a movie alone , take a road trip solo , live in a apt/house by yourself for 6 mo . - 1 year . Pay bills in your name from your pay check . Be apart of something like a Bible study , book club , painting class , etc.  as a solo . Handle a car problem, house problem , etc . on your own creativity and resourcefulness . Doing these things helps to build ones self esteem . I promise I am not fibbing on this one . You don't have to do the entire list or even the list as I wrote it , but I just really encourage you to live some life solo . Before we can truly love someone else properly , we must first learn to love ourselves for exactly who we are in this moment and I believe doing these kinds of things help us to do that . Happy Valentines loves !!!! You are beautiful . You are strong . You are worthy of love . Point blank . 📱❤️😘 #Valentines2016 #Day3 #NewYears2016 #Day34 #Love #YouBeYou #Strong #SheRaPrincessOfPower #FirstThingsFirst #Regram #Torrid

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