Wednesday, February 24, 2016

~ Insta Blog ~ My Health May Fail ~ February 2016 ~

After a week of being super sick , getting a flat tire on my way to get prescriptions , having my debit card called in as stolen , by someone not me , and dealing with a few other things I am truly feel as though I am leaning on the Lord every minute that passes . I have felt His presence in each challenge and watched Him come to my aid and provide . Through #insta's and #pinterest pics like the ones below as well as through loved ones words and actions He has continued to remind me that His word never fails and that the Lords character does not change with our circumstances . The same God that promises to provide for us in the good times is the same God that actually provides for us in the needy / difficult times . He continues to prove this to me over and over . I'm starting to wonder if I am just THAT hard headed that He would have to put one barrier in front of the other in order for me to catch on , or is that He is building me up for something ?! Preparing me . Either way , I'm making mental notes of things to do , say , write , etc . when I return to my version of  " normal " . Until then and even after , I know I will be clinging to these verses . In the good , He is with us . In the bad , He is with us . In the painful , confusing , most helpless of times , no matter who else is or isn't with us , He IS with us . I am very grateful for the friends/fam the Lord has sent me to remind me He is with me and to show me His love , encouragement and support in the times I need Him most . He is with us . Take a breath , say a prayer and find peace in the truth that is His word . He is with you . No matter what else is going on , He is with us .

When our bodies fail us . When people fail us . When "systems" or "protocol" fails us . He remains . He is our only true strength . He is the only faithful . I'm grateful His love extends past me and who I am in a moment . I am grateful He continues to be WITH me in all situations .

So , this may sound far reaching , but try to hang with me for just a moment . The Lord is always teaching , showing and proving things to me as His daughter about His character , promises and His Word . As mentioned before it would seem those lessons are coming more frequent and in heavier doses . Through the thoughtfulness of good friends  , God reminded me that He knows my needs before I do . Not only does He know them , He has already made a plan . I've been super sick and when I finally took some time to disinfect the house with Lysol and toss the things that can't be disinfected , i.e. m'chapstick , I told you to hang with me. As I tossed my chap stick I looked over to the kitchen table where one of my Valentines sat displayed . I'd forgotten about it in the midst of feeling so down & ill . Looking into the super cute pink box there sat not one , but two brand new , not infected with sick germs , tubes of chaps tick . Chap stick ! Not one , but two !!!! The very thing I had just thrown away . The thing I "needed" to give up because that's what is best for me . You can't keep toxic/infected things , people , or habits in your world and expect to remain well . He knows what we are going through , He wants to go through it with us . He knows who & what surrounds us daily and He wants to help us discern . He knows our simplest and our greatest of needs , He already has a plan to supply those and in some situations to multiply His provision .
Through a tube of chap stick , God spoke all that into my heart and mind . WHAT IN THE WORLD ???!!!! Blame it on dehydrated delirium if you like , but I believe I serve a God who is cool and clever like that . I believe I serve a God that knows exactly how to speak to me specifically in ways that I'll understand . Sometimes our God speaks with a whisper not a roar .

Long story even longer , LOL !!! What has He been showing you lately ? Has He spoken with a whisper or a roar ?! No matter where you are right now , what I would like for you to walk away from this post with is that He IS with you . He IS for you and He has a plan for you . Keep on keeping on loved ones .

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