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~ New Music Monday ~ January 18th, 2016 ~ Valentines 2016 ~ Riding Solo Mix Tape ~

We are just under a month away from Valentines Day . In years past I have given you tips , ideas , & links for everything from what to purchase a loved one to what to wear on Valentines . I love music . I love a thoughtful , homemade , creative gift . So , this year I decided to do a variety of  " mix " tapes for #NewMusicMonday , that you are welcome to copy BTW , that once complete would perhaps aid in whatever your VDay plans are or at least allow you a bit of inspiration . I have a soft spot for Valentines day and I know , I am a single person , and that means that technically I am suppose to loath the day , hate all people who enjoy it , snarl at couples and wear all black while eating from a tub of Ben & Jerry ' s . Well ,  I ' ve never taken well to people telling me what to do or how to feel before so , why should this be any different ?!

In college , perhaps my Junior or Senior year ,  I took the obligatory hatred of Valentines Day by singles into my own hands , but not intentionally at first . I rallied a group of other single female friends and set up a fun dinner off campus at a nice restaurant . Giving us a reason to dress up , flaunt our cute , and eat a great meal . It was one of those major life moments where I realized that the key to keeping ourselves out of the trap of self - loathing , self - harm , self - deprecation , and basically pure selfishness in everyway , was to focus on others . In our singleness we aren't alone if we are all together . That is how I choose to look at it . We ended up having a blast at dinner and one of my friends , peers , and fellow staffer at the University news paper was asked to do an article on it . I won' t lie , I got a little insecure at the thought of the entire campus hearing of my organized pity party , because in the beginning that sorda was its original purpose . A we hate love , we hate holidays that celebrate love , we hate people in love , blah , blah so on so forth . But as I said , my focus changed  and with the change of my focus the article changed . She basically wrote what I have been writing in Valentines past . Valentines Day doesn't have to stink just because you are single . Its all about perspective .

This weeks #NewMusicMonday Valentines Prep will go out to all the Singles . Whether you are contently single , are in the midst of a break up with someone or simply just can not seem to find the right someone , this list may be for you . I am starting with a new release from Lauren Alaina . With this being the last season of American Idol , a upcoming album release and the debut of her newest video , it all just seemed like the obvious choice . Plus , the tune is titled " My Next Boyfriend " , so .

Lauren Alaina - " My Next Boyfriend "
Lauren Alaina was the American Idol runner up the year Scotty McCreary took the win . Second place hasn ' t kept her from the spotlight or the charts . Her first singles post AI all charted and a few even went to the top . After a hiatus due to surgery on her throat , Alaina is back and ready for another block of hits . Alaina's first release is an upbeat , saucy little ditty making the statement that is phrased like a question that so many of us have used or heard , " I think I ' ve Seen You Before ? " . The video is dosed with a steady flow of neon and flirtation . Perhaps you could pick up a few moves from Lauren for your next flirt .

Next , a tune for the country girl just lookin' for her country man . If Lauren Alaina ' s tune is a " Why Aren ' t We Dating Yet ? " , then this tune is the answer . You would think that living in the south finding a good southern man would be like shootin' fish in a barrel . I am here to tell you , it is not . I know that I have several fellow southern singles who can give a rowdy amen when I say we are super proud that you care about your hygiene . In fact , we insist that you do , but when you use more product than I do , we have a problem . We like our men......manly . We also love when our southern , laid back , outdoorsy side can be as appreciated as our stiletto & lip stick wearing side , if not more . Maddie & Tae have already proven their lyrical and visual cleverness with " Girl in a Country Song " and their depth with " Fly " . So , it was hard to predict where they may head with the third single off of " Start Here " . I ' m not gonna lie.....I love that they went with clever . " Shut Up & Fish " is so very cleverly written and for us country girls , a 100% on point . We are all about some kissin ' , but not when it gets in the way of some fishin ' .

Maddie & Tae - " Shut Up & Fish "
fr " Start Here "
Chris Young w Cassadee Pope
" Think of You "
Our next tune is from Chris Young with Cassadee Pope called " Think of You " . Even when we know why something ended and can even agree that it was for the best , somehow we still find ourselves lingering on the high notes . It is around that second stage of a break up when all your friends are still adjusting to the fact you aren ' t a couple anymore and sometimes forget when asking , " Where is ____ ? " . You had been the couple that everyone expects to always see , together . It 's that moment when you feel like something or more like someone is missing . You go out cause you can ' t just sit at home and think about what once was , but then you get out and all that anyone asks about is what once was . It ' s a painful double edged sword . Cassadee has a beautiful voice with so much range . I think it is wonderfully and unexpectedly matched with Chris' on this track . It isn ' t a duet I wouldn ' t have necessarily thought of on my own , but I am so glad someone did . It is simple musically and perhaps even vocally , but I think they may be what makes it so beautiful .
This tune is not new , but it has been a while so it may be new to you . All American Rejects where all the rage for a hot minute . In that minute they put out some upbeat tunes that played at many a Spring Break . This tune is one of them . Once we get past the , " What could ' ve been " and stumble into the , " I was totally right to leave " , we fall into this righteous indignation where all songs with a sturdy electric guitar riff and some middle finger in the air vocals become our theme song . We regain our strength and begin dreaming of the day we come across the one we left or that left us , kicking themselves in realization of what they loss . This one is on my Valentine Mix for Singles , because a friend shared it with me close to ten years ago on a mix titled " Boys Suck " . I feel as though I do not have to explain why the mix was titled that or why I needed it . Truth is , sometimes people suck and it would seem that Valentines Day just seems to highlight for a few of us . Never fear loved one . One day , they will get theirs and one day you ' ll give em ' a cheeky lil ' grin with a big ol ' side of #SorryNotSorry . Until then , my hope is this will do .

All American Rejects - " Gives You Hell "
Gene Autry - " Back in the Saddle "
And then the time comes when we are somewhat healed , a little more positive about life and love . When I hear this song my mind immediately goes to a scene from " Sleepless in Seattle " where " Sam Baldwin " is attempting to make that first phone call to a woman after mourning the loss of his wife . He has been heckled by his son , a talk radio host , his closest of friends and a co - worker to get back into the game , he has mourned long enough in their opinion . After heartbreak and heartache we have to somehow get our mental game up in order to get back out there . Whether you are single single for Valentines or getting back into the game single this Valentines , I hope that this fun , oldy , but a goody of a tune would perk up your perspective or at least reassure you that we ' ve all been there . 

DON'T FORGET !!!!! As a music lover and radio listener you HAVE THE POWER . Call , text , tweet , Facebook , insta and even snail mail your favorite artists and recording requests to your local radio . Also , you can vote online for television video countdowns .

Check back next week for #NewMusicMonday and more Valentines Mix Tape inspiration .

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