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~ New Music Monday ~ January 11th, 2016 ~

As I mentioned in my last post I love a gift card ! Especially for things like iTunes or really anywhere that is going to feed my musical addiction . See , I am addicted to more than just Starbucks . For Christmas I received such a gift card and was able to mark several records off of my eternally growing " I've got to have this " , list . I keep a list on my phone of books , video's , music , etc . to always be on the look out for . I am a girl on a budget so even if I am dying for an album I do my price checking research . One of the albums I had on my list was Cams' debut release , " Untamed " . I had been listening to its ' first single , " Burning House " for months and it led me to listen to all the other tracks via YouTube audio clips . I loved them all and couldn't wait to get my hands on my own copy .

There are several stand outs on this album and I can ' t wait to see what the next single will be from it . As 2015 ended Cam was at the top of the Billboard Country Charts and was settling into her Grammy nomination . I cannot begin to imagine the high she spent the holiday season on . Such a beautiful and flattering gift to receive a Grammy nom on your first body of work . I think it only confirms that there are great things to come from Cam . For now , I would like to share my current favorite track from " Untamed " titled , " Village " . Seeing as a second single has not been released yet the audio clip of  " Village " will have to do . No official video of course at this point . I think " Village " is such a beautifully written and performed song . I love everything about it .

There is something about acknowledging that , and I am quoting the lyrics word for word , " your hearts a village , everyone you love has built it " , makes me emotional . I know that I am grateful for everyone that has played a roll in my life . I would not be 1/16th of who I am with out these wonderful friends and family I am blessed with . I also go to thought of the role I play in my friends children's life with the next line , " And I've been working there myself and that's where I'll be , with a front row seat , to watch you live your life well " . UUGGGGG!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL !!! Anyway , give it a listen and judge for yourself . If you are interested in Cam's freshman album , " Untamed " , it is currently available at Wal - Mart for $ 9 . 00 . That was the best deal after all my research the last few weeks , cause you know I ' m a budget kind of girl .

" your hearts a village , everyone you love has built it
And I've been working there myself
and that's where I'll be ,
with a front row seat ,
to watch you live your life well "

Cam - " Village " fr Album " Untamed "
Second on my list for the second week of 2016 is , Christ Stapleton ' s newest to radio single , " Nobody to Blame " . Stapleton is a clever writer and a passionate singer . He could sing the phone book to me and I'd be all , hands raised , eyes closed , head weaving back and forth . " Nobody to Blame " is a great break up song from the mans perspective and he sings it with just as much passion as any love song . I love the chick in this song . I would like to think that if ever in a similar situation I would do the same things she does , " poured sugar in my John Deer and I can't even mow my lawn " .  However , we are left to wonder exactly what the male counterpart has done to require such retribution . Stapleton's record " Traveler " is where you can find this track as well as many other amazing tracks , including his cover of " Tennessee Whiskey " . Again , another album that I am loving start to finish . I can find no wrong with this set of songs and would double dog dare you to try . Give " Traveler " a listen at some point , until then , here is " Nobody to Blame " audio clip .

Chris Stapelton - " Nobody to Blame "
fr " Traveler "
Last for my musical offering this week is Kacey Musgraves , " Late to the Party " , off of the album  " Pageant Material " . As mentioned one million times before , I wanna be Kacey Musgraves when I grow up . Her style , her voice , her wicked writing skills . I am full on jealous . I believe that " Late to the Party " may be Musgraves next to radio single from " Pageant Material " . I however do not have that on official word of course . I hope that it is a single at some point if it is in fact not the next one . I don't know what is happening to me , but I have been overcome with a love for love songs as of late . I blame Kip Moore and " Running for You " off of " Wild Ones " . It caused my mind and heart to reconsider how I listen to and am affected by " love " songs . " Late to the Party " paints a sweet picture of a couple getting ready to head out for a event , but really only wants to be with one another . Cleverly written per usual and sweetly sang , I can imagine a couple slow dancing to this in a room that had once held a party . All the guests gone , janitor sweeping up confetti and a band tearing down . It is my kind of love song.....cause apparently I now have a " my kind " of love song .
Kacey Musgraves - " Late to the Party "
fr " Pageant Material " -
Performance from " The Late Show "
All three albums that are featured on this weeks #NewMusicMonday are truly masterpieces front to back in my humble music loving opinion . I am so impressed , specifically with the country music genre this season , and the latest releases that have come from Music City . Cam , Chris Stapleton and Kacey Musgraves albums are ALL albums I would gift to people and obviously recommend to you here . I don't give away my album love very easily . It truly does take something special for me to adore a body of work from track one to last track . I hope that if you hadn't heard of these songs/albums/artists before that I have exposed you to your next musical addictions .
What are you listening to ? Did you score any amazing musical gifts over the holidays ? Please feel free to share in the comment section .
DON'T FORGET !!!!! As a music lover and radio listener you HAVE THE POWER . Call , text , tweet , Facebook , insta and even snail mail your favorite artists and recording requests to your local radio . Also , you can vote online for television video countdowns . I am currently anxiously awaiting the release of the " Running for You " video show last week from Kip Moore's album , " Wild Ones " . I will with out doubt be making online votes to see it on video countdowns .


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