Friday, January 8, 2016

~ Musical Overdose ~ No Such Thing ~

I LOVE GIFT CARDS !!!!!!!! Sure , some may find them impersonal or whatever , but I love them . I think gift cards can be a thoughtful gift . Especially to anyone who lives on a budget or pay check to check . It's like giving them permission and resources to do something a little more on the " want " list than on the " need " list . I love all kinds . I love a Starbucks card , did you know that when you register your Starbucks gift card online you receive a free bevi and discounts on your birthday ?! It also is a way to manage when/if you recieve more than one and keeps up with your purchases further notifying you to earned bonuses and freebies . True story . I love a iTunes gift card . As far as I am concerned , music is the gift that keeps on giving . I will never have " enough " music . New to me , but the Amazon gift card , I mean , all those things I can never seem to find in the used book/music/dvd/ store and are wicked unrealistically priced on ebay or in store , can be found !!!! I had been looking for a very specific set of salt and pepper shakers for a Christmas gift . Looked high and low . Even enlisted a friend who antiques , no where to be found . Then, THEN , Amazon comes through and inexpensively at that !! It's literally like a treasure box of amazingness . Amazon is also a company that works with ebates . So , I can even get a percentage back when I shop there  with my gift card . I could you not ??!!!

Anyway , I received several gift cards for Christmas and decided to use them today . I had a list of tunes/books/dvds to always be on the look out for because they are either so old they no longer are in regular stores , are so new they haven't been distributed yet or are just so weird that they can only be found online . My list became significantly smaller today after the use of my gift cards . I am giddy as a music loving girl can be right now . I don't know how my ears are going to be able to intake all this amazing music at one time . I'll probably be in some sort of ipod musical coma for weeks .

I think music is of similar importance as books when it comes to shaping our minds and educating us . I'm sure many an educator would scoff at that , but hey , it's my thought and I'm stickin' to it . I will never have all the albums I want . I don't know short of becoming a CEO at Best Buy , iTunes , etc. how one could ever afford to have all the albums/books/etc . on their lists . Making gift cards an even more amazing gift !!! Well , that's my soap box for today . 1 . Gift cards are thoughtful and 2 . Music is magic .

What albums are you listening too ? Did you purchase online , in store or download ? What's your favorite medium for music ? Vinyl ? Disc ? Download ? Streaming ? Did you receive any unique music something or other for Christmas ?! Please feel free to share in the comment section !

If no one hears from me in about a week or so......maybe check in . My musical overdose can only last so long . LOL !!!

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