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~ Winter Hacks by Stacie & Jack ~ Re - Post from 2015 ~

February 18th 2015
This is before the snow froze and became
a ice rink. The weather got into the negatives
this evening .
Day 4 of the 2015 Snow In . I am a professional hermit so I am not having as many problems with the current winter weather as others are . Not to mention I live on a hill and do not have 4-wheel drive so, I don't really have a choice . However , if more ice heads our way as predicted I may need to brave the roads and venture out to restock eventually . Jack Davis LOVESSSSSSSSSSS snow . I think it is due to being part polar bear . Here are a few things we have been doing to keep cozy , warm and safe in the 5 inches of snow with a layer of ice underneath .
See Pic of House Above.....WHERE DID HE
FIND A LEAF ???!!!! Bro . There's something
in your beard . He has no clue .
I have posted to my social media several times in the last four days a reminder to take extra care of your pets in this weather . It is hard on their little paws . With Jack I have several specific issues....

1. With his kind of fur the snow falling is basically like super glue when it lands in his fur . Getting him thawed when we get back inside is usually a task . Especially if the snow is deep and wet enough to give him snow pants .
Snow Pants are these snow balls all up and down
his lil' legs . He can't even help it .
2 . Small white dog in white snow equals a dangerous game of where's waldo . If I don't put colorful clothes on him or leash him , he literally blends into the yard . Not to mention the blinding glare of sun on snow . So, for his own safety , my ability to find him, and to keep from snow getting stuck in his fur Jack wears a little coat . Every time I go to put it on him he curls up like I am going to beat him and once outside he tries to shake it the wise wise words of Taylor Swift .  He is a rebellious pup . It is working great this winter and only cost $2.00 in the Target dollar spot last winter !!

3. Everyone probably already does this , but just incase . This is handy for preparing to go out in the cold or for when you have come back in and need to thaw . Place your most fuzzy of socks on the heat vent for awhile . When you put them back on they are super warm and cozy and make the trek to the mail box a little more bearable .

4 . A class mate from high school posted this today on Facebook and I thought it was a great idea !! Not everyone has everything needed in stock for one of winters most yummy treats , snow cream . So , she used vanilla creamer packets . Already portioned properly are sugar , dairy , and vanilla all the ingredients needed !! I thought it was a great idea and made me think that if you wanna flavor your snow cream you could used varied other creamers . YUMMERS !!!

5 . Home made Mocha - I have been trying to use my milk sparingly since I do not know how long I'll be snowed in . Today after walking Jack in the 16 degree's and wind I decided I NEEDED a warm beverage . So , I reached into my barista training and made a mocha . SUPER EASY ! All you need is a milk product of your choice ( skim , soy , almond , etc. ) , brewed coffee or espresso and chocolate ( I use chocolate syrup ) . I place about 2 table spoons of syrup into the bottom of the mug (measurements may vary due to the size of your mug and tastes ) . I then add about a half cup of milk , heat the combo up in the microwave for 2 minutes and add a little less than half a cup of the freshly brewed and still hot coffee . Stir , taste , adjust as needed and enjoy . Today I decided to add a candy cane left over from Christmas for that little hint of mint . Another friend suggested possibly adding a Ande's Mint ,which I think is a great idea , but may need to go in first instead of the syrup . Then after doing the rest of the recipe taste and add syrup as need .
6 . Make a little extra . In our area a lot of folks lose power in this kind of weather . I am so extremely grateful to God that I haven't had that happen . In preparation for the possibility of no electricity it is always good to make a little extra of whatever you may be cooking . Even if you can't reheat it for eating it is still better than having nothing prepared . Cold cooked chicken is better than raw uncooked chicken . Right ?!
How does this even happen ?! The weather has clearly
effected everything's normalcy .
7 . Unplug any unnecessary electronics . It helps your entire community to conserve on power .

8 . Leave your faucets on a slow drip . When the temperature gets below zero there is always a fear of frozen pipes . Papaw's advice is that it is better to pay a little higher water bill from a dripping faucet than to pay to fix damage from frozen pipes . We also leave the cabinet doors open below the sinks so that whatever heat is flowing through the house can go there as well .

I wish I could enlarge this picture for you or zoom in .
Jack is clearly blissful as can be here . If you look close
his back paws aren't even on the ground . LOL !!!
No matter what you are doing to keep warm , fed and busy just be careful before venturing out . The road can look fine and be insanely slippery . When walking to the mail box or just around the outside of your property be sure to step with caution . You don't wanna be the star of the next "help I've fallen and I can't get up" , commercial .  What are some of your winter hacks , snacks or other advice ?! I hope you are able to enjoy these extra days .

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