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~ New Music Monday ~ Happy New Year ~ January 4th 2016 ~

Happy New Year Music Lovers !!!!!! I hope that you all had a beautiful holiday season filled with rest , fun , fam , friends , and of course.......killer tunes . Before we get too far into the new year I thought I would do a quick #NewMusicMonday recap of 2015 . There was so much amazing music released this year that it is truly difficult to know where to start . So , I thought I would do my own version of an award show break down . The #NewMusicMonday Awards , I'd do a red carpet , but it's frakin' cold outside . So . Also , while my preferences seem to bend toward a Country Music genre preference , please know that I listen to music from all genres . What I share on #NewMusicMondays and in posts like this one are simply what I am jamming to and digging at the moment . It just so happens that as of late Country Music has gotten my attention in a big way . I ' ve always been a country music fan , but with the discovery of artists like Moore , Stapelton , Cam and Musgraves , it is becoming a bigger piece of the musical pie that is my heart . Now , onto our awards .........

First off - Best Song - For me , it was Eric Paslays , " She Don't Love You " . From the moment I heard it the lyrics nearly knocked me over with their truth . Is it not a fear we all have when it comes to love ? The fear that the other is just there to pass time . That we are simply a scratch pad to doodle out all the mistakes . That there is no love left because it's all been given away ?! I mean , just give part of it a glance ,
" She don't love you , she's just lonely
She don't know another way
To break free from what's been broken
Too many cowboys rode away
So forgive her if she's distant
She can't tell her heart to lie , no
You'll never be her one and only
She don't love you , she's just lonely "
.............. I mean........... I mean..........those are amazing lyrics . Yes , there where amazing singles out this year and so many that could be considered " Best Song " . I mean , " Hello " , but for me this was #1 .
Best Performance - Obviously - Stapelton/Timberlake covering George Jones' , " Tennessee Whiskey " and Timberlake's , " Drink You Away " brought the entire room , full of fellow entertainers , writers , fans , and industry folk up on their feet from the first note . It is easily the best performance of the year from all award shows . It also , put the much deserved and long over due spotlight on Chris Stapelton , a writer , singer and player for many years now on the Nashville scene . I think that is one of the many reasons so many in the room stood up to enjoy the performance . They all have a respect for his work and his consistency to his style . I also feel that all true country music fans are seeing Stapelton as the saving grace for the genre . He is a tried and true throw back to the pickers of the past . I can so easily hear Haggard , Jennings and Jones influence through out his CD , " Traveler " . Which is an amazing album and if you don't have it , you need to get it . ASAP !! All the female BGV's on the album are Stapelton's wife , Morgan . Their voices go so beautifully together . I think that may be one of my ideals of a perfect relationship . When two people can be creative together and complement one another's talents in such a big way .
Most Anticipated Albums of 2015 - If you have read my #NewMusicMonday posts more than once you will not be surprised to see Kip Moore as my answer to this statement . Kip Moore's , " Wild Ones " and Adele's , " 25 " both took between 3-4 years since their previous album to be released . I was on the edge of my seat for both . Neither have disappointed and proved well worth their wait . I just pray , beg and will even fast if it helps , that it does not take that long for their next bodies of work to be released . In my old age I am losing patience with such extended periods between awesomeness .
Best Female - Kacey Musgraves - " Pageant Material " - I adore everything about Kacey Musgraves . I've said it before , I'll say it again , I wanna be Kacey Musgraves when I grow up . Her writing is kitschy , on point and not all can do that . I love her " Rhinestone Revue " tour fashion , stage set up , etc. It only goes to prove that a real honest to goodness artist , marches to their own beat .
Kacey Musgraves & Willie Nelson
Cover Nelson's - " Are You Sure "
Album - Pageant Material
Best Male - Kip Moore - " Wild One's " - Constantly over looked and under rated . It baffles me to the point of anger that this writer and band are getting passed by . I do NOT understand radio . I do NOT understand the industry . I do NOT understand the awards shows . But what I do understand , is that what Moore is doing while everyone is looking the other way , is building an undeniably loyal and fierce fan base . He is consistently selling out shows and leaving his mark in each city he plays . He is creating a reputation as a song writer that doesn't say anything he doesn't mean or hasn't lived for himself . That , that is why fans are flocking to his live shows . He is as real and passionate on stage as he is on his tracks . True music lovers can sense when something is being produced as apart of " the machine " and there is NOTHING , " machine " about Moore's music . You know it's real from the first word . In my opinion , once the " trendier " artist's light burns out , we will see Kip and the Slow Hearts get there well deserved accolades and radio play . Tomorrow begins the shooting for the video from Moore's second single off of " Wild Ones " , " Running for You " . It is a beautiful & very real love song . I don't dub many a love song , real , but this one is legit . It's a bit of a , if you love someone let them go , philosophy . I am so very anticipant to see what Moore and Life in Rewind have planned for this song visually . There are so many places it could go . I will for sure be posting it when it is available .
Best Group - Little Big Town - " Pain Killer " - This feels like an obvious choice . With the release of their album , " Pain Killer " and the controversial , but chart dominating single , " Girl Crush " the group seemed to have the year locked up and headed toward nothing but positive notes . However in late spring LBT hit some bumps in the road by way of Jimmy Westbrooks vocal injury and surgery . The band had to unexpectedly take a hit in their late spring/ early summer touring , but the band was back at it by late summer/early fall with the release of the title track , " Pain Killer " .
Best Duo - Maddie and Tae - " Start Here " - This young female duo hit the scene strong with their single , " Girl in a Country Song " off of their freshman release , " Start Here " . They spent the summer touring with Dierks Bentley , Kip Moore , & Cannan Smith on Bentley's , " Sounds of Summer " tour . The duo has just released their third single , " Shut Up and Fish " , which I am sure is going to get similar attention and love from fans as " Girl in a Country Song " did . These talented writers , players and singers are just getting started and I can't wait to see how they grow and evolve as both writers and performers . If they are this on top of things now , I can already hear glass ceilings breaking for what's to come .
Best New Artist - Tori Kelly - " Unbreakable Smile " - I venture out side of the country genre for my Best New Artist pic of 2015 . Starting as a Youtube personality , Kelly has worked her way onto award show stages , guest performer slots and is being managed by Scooter Braun . Yes , as in Justin Beiber's manager , Scooter Braun . With her hit , " Should've Been Us " still charting I feel like this singer/song writer is also , just starting her ascend into the music sphere .
Now - I would like to share with you a two performances that you may have missed due to holiday chaos . First , Miranda Lambert at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors performing , " Desperado " in honor of the Eagles . The Eagles ended up cancelling their appearance at the show due to sickness , but will be accepting their honor next year . Since Lambert was already slated to perform the show set list continued with her as scheduled and can I please just say that I am SOOOOOOO glad they did . Her cover of this well known tune is amazing !!!! She was not rushed , she didn't seem flustered by the changes or the fact that the President of the United States was in the audience . Her vocals where perfect , as was her outfit and skin !!! I could not help , but notice her glow as the camera zoomed in for a close-up shot before zooming away from the finale of the performance . GLOWING !!!! I don't know what divorces do to everyone , but for Ms . Lambert it has done nothing , but make her more amazing . She can't even help it . Judge for yourself .
Miranda Lambert - Kennedy Center Honors
Cover - The Eagles - " Desperado "
Second , you may have missed this cause it was New Years Eve and , well , ya know , who really remembers New Years Eve anyway ?! But this performance you're going to want to check out and allow to be your only New Years Eve memory . Chris Stapelton with Kings of Leon covering Lynyrd Skynyrds' " Simple Man " seems fated . It just can't go wrong .
Kings of Leon w/ Chris Stapelton
Covering - Lynyrd Skynyrd - " Simple Man "
Now that I feel we are sufficiently caught up on all things 2015 , I think next week we can start with a clean slate and begin discussing 2016's #NewMusicMonday artists . Are you with me ?!! YEAHHH!!!!! If you have any comments , questions or music suggestions please feel free to share them with us !!!! I wanna know what you are listening to , too !
DON'T FORGET !!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!! Call in to your radio stations , text , tweet , insta , facebook and snail mail them if you want . Make sure the DJ's know who your favorite artists are and what you want to hear from them . You have the ability to make or brake an artists single with your requests or lack there of . Making a radio request is one of the easiest/quickest/inexpensive was to show support to your favorite artist and/or bands . DJ's let them know when they come in for interviews and promo spots , what their fan base is like in their local . So , rep your city and your favorite band all at once by making a song request with your local DJ's .

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