Monday, January 25, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ Jan. 25th 2016 ~ " Keeper of the Flame Tour "

Snow Story Jonas Ice Sickles
January 2016

Happy Snow Storm Jonas Monday to ya !!! I don't know where you are reading from , but I am writing from day 6 I think of 10 ish inches of snow fall that started last Wednesday . Today was the first day that I was able or even thought of braving leaving my neighborhood . The plows came through this weekend and left me a nice mount at the end of my drive way along with these basketball sized balls of ice . Pleasant . I tried breaking down the ice with a shovel . I then tried using my hands and then my feet/legs to roll them out of the way . Fail . Then today when trying to specifically miss them in my attempt to get out of my very snowy drive way , I hit one . Got momentarily stuck . Maneuvered my way off of it , but that hit from the car was enough to unfreeze it from the ground . So , with much anger I was able to pick it up and chuck it down the lawn . There may have been some swearing involved . Don't judge . Anyway , with prayer , resourcefulness , Guns - N - Roses sound tracking , and a little swearing I made it out . I only ran two of my errands for fear that I wouldn't be able to get back IN to my neighborhood , but those two along with the ice chucking made me feel pretty accomplished today . It also made me feel rather capable and somewhat manly . Who says I " NEED " a man ?! I am woman , hear me roar.....and swear a little .

Well , while snowed in I have listened to many a sweet tune and rejoiced over varied tour announcements . This weeks #NewMusicMonday will be dedicated to Friday's tour announcement from Miranda Lambert , #MirandaForPresident . I decided that would be my #RanFan hashtag after her killer performance of " Little Red Wagon " at Fashion Rocks last winter . Last week Ms . Lambert announced her " Keeper of the Flame " tour and line up . Openers will be Brothers Osborn and Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts . I am giddy !! While the tour is not stopping anywhere near me I am still amped that this group of artists are touring together . I think it is a stellar ticket and is going to be an amazing show . Miranda will be pulling double duty this Summer while also opening for Kenny Chesney .

Brothers Osborn - " Stay a Little Longer "
fr " Pawn Shop "

As first on the stage the Brothers Osborn they will be first for us here today on #NewMusicMonday . Just this weekend the duo hit number one on radio charts with their single , " Stay a Little Longer " off of their album " Pawn Shop " . I follow several artists on social media and nearly all of them have posted about their love for this album . I think when a artists on their own accord , as in not doing a duet or collaborating with them ,  recommends another artist then it is worth checking out . So , here ya go , a vevo of " Stay a Little Longer " by Brothers Osborn . The video is also making its ' way up CMT and GAC video countdowns . If you like it , take a moment and give them a vote online at or .

Second on the tour line up is one of my favorites , Kip Moore . Moore and his band are setting out this weekend for the west coast and international legs of his " Wild Ones " tour . This will be their first go for an international tour that isn't focused on a festival of collaborative show . The band rocked C2C last Spring and the fans made their voices heard to the band and to their label . And if Kip has his way , the fans get what the fans want . He is taking Chase Bryant with him on some of the Spring dates . Also joining The Slow Hearts on tour at select dates will be The Cadillac Three . If you follow Kip on social media or ever watch YouTube vids then you know he and T3 front man , Jaren Johnston are good buddies . I can only imagine the shenanigans that will be occurring when these bands are together . I am really hoping for some amazing #InstaEntertainment from this pairing . The song I am sharing with you today is another of Moores' yet to be recorded jams . The man has so many songs I don't know that they will ever all get the exposure they deserve . This one is called , " Tough Enough " and I just adore it . There are so many songs that he performs live that are so amazing and yet aren't available for down load that I almost get violent . Like , one more 15 second clip of a song that I can not immediately down load or in the realistic near future down load and I very well may set something on fire . I don't know what or when , I'm just warning everyone it could happen . I get all unhinged like that when it comes to quality tunes and writing . So , Moore , you've only got yourself  " to blame " if I " burn the whole world down " . BAHAHAHA !! Fans will get it . Annnnnnyyyyyyywaaaaaayyyy.................

Kip Moore - " Tough Enough "
Miranda Lambert w/ Scotty Ray - " Scars "
@ The City Winery in Nashville
Lastly , headliner and current Queen of all country music awards , Ms . Miranda Lambert . This tune is another yet to be recorded and pressed jam that so many fans are hoping will appear on her next album . Lambert has posted several #InstaTeases of writing sessions and locations , but hasn't spoken too much to all that the album will cover . We all are assuming that the last year and all the drama included in it will be the main inspiration for her next album , but artists are tricky and ya just never know . It may still be too soon to cover such sensitive and fresh wounds . If you watch the clip above you will understand why I say that . Either way , here is " Scars " written by Miranda Lambert and Scotty Ray .
Tour locations for the " Keeper of the Flame " tour have been released , but no dates yet . As soon as that info is available I will do my best to share it . Until then you can keep up with all the artists featured today on their social media and websites , , & .
Until then , you can be making requests for Brothers Osborn , " Stay a Little Longer " and Kip Moores , " Running for You " , their current singles with your local radio stations . It only takes a second and is one of the easiest/quickest/cheapest ways of showing your favorite artists support . You have the power to decided what gets on rotation . MAKE THOSE REQUESTS !!!!!! Same goes for video countdowns . It all just takes a second !!!
Upcoming posts will include my Grammy predictions and more Valentines mix tapes . Look forward to sharing more tunes with you in the coming weeks !!!! What are you listening to ? Do you have plans to hit any of the Spring/Summer tours ? Please feel free to share in the comment section .

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