Monday, March 5, 2012

The Lazy Man's Pesto

Now, I'm a lover of home made goods,foods, arts, crafts, quick tips, etc. But you will not find me normally blogging about them. I have a friend that blogs on such things and it is far more her forte than mine. When I have arts, crafts and food ideas I tend to send them to her for posting. You can check her blog at .

However, now and then I will share some of my idea's with you just for funsies!! When I lived in Lynchburg there was a well known little coffee shop just down from the University called The Drowsy Poet, you can check them out at Anyway, they have two things that I would travel the seven hours for any day of the week, 1. The Milton Milkshake and 2. The Dante. Both in my opinion are things that will change your taste buds and make you forever unhappy with anyother coffee/shake or mushroom swiss based sandwhich. Now, that desire to drive seven hours is at times over turned by the idea of paying almost 4 bucks a gallon on fuel. So, several months ago I decided to get creative at home and make my own  form of the Dante.  Pesto is a easy and tasty addition to many sandwhichs, but sometimes I just don't feel like making a batch only to let half of it ruin in the fridge.

May I introduce to you the Lazy Man's Pesto, a Stacie Creation :-)

Per here is a "normal" spinach pesto recipe
2 cups fresh spinach leaves , well-washed and stemmed
½ cup fresh parsley , preferably Italian flat leaf
½ cup walnuts or ½ cup pine nuts , toasted
¼ cup parmesan cheese , freshly grated, not canned
¼ teaspoon sea salt
Blended w a food processor or Magic Bullet
Per ME here is a Lazy Man's Pesto
Fresh Spinach Leaves - well washed and raw
Mushrooms - well washed and raw
Chopped Onion - well washed and raw
Slice of swiss cheese
Olive Oil
Garlic salt
Ground pepper
Instead of blending all the items you will place them on top of the baked chicken
with Raw Chicken season with Garlic Salt, Ground Pepper and Olive Oil
Bake on 400 Degree's for 20 min. (i used a thin slice chicken breast)
After baked- remove from oven place on top of your choice of bread/bun
layer on top of chicken spinach, mushrooms, onions and cheese
return to oven and let cheese melt remove while cheese is still firm and kinda sweaty (not a liquid)
Continue Dressing per your preferances top with another piece of bread and enjoy!
I like to make home made potato chips or squares to go with mine!

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to create your favorites at home with your own spin as well!!! 

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