Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring has Sprung

Well, at least my front door looks like it has. As I've mentioned before I love arts, crafts, and all things home made. Today was such a beautiful day I wanted to celebrate by decorating my front door. I however was too tired to make any more trips to town. So, I looked around the house for what I might have I can refashion. I found a extra wreath I'd bought at Christmas from the "dollar" that I hadn't used. Some ribbon from a store bag, and flowers that I bought when I got my very first apartment and a few other odds and ends.

I tossed it all into the floor and started letting the creative juices flow. Side Note: I totally burned my toe with the hot glue gun. I was multi-tasking and forgot the glue gun was in my hand and hot glue dripped out onto my toe. Burned like FIRE. I mean, what else would it burn like?!

Here's what I used and how.
I untied the ribbons from a store bag that I had kept, "just in case" I need it for something.
My wreath needed 2 of the ribbons. I do not know the size of the wreath.
I apologize for that missing detail.

Then I used wire cutters to remove the clip from a Gerber daisy I had bought when
 I moved into my very first apartment. I at the time had used them as decorations
on a shower curtain. I am very glad now that I kept them for a unknown future use.

I hot glued the ends of the ribbon to the wreath to secure them.
I then hot glued the daisy to the wreath as well.
And TAH-DAH Spring Wreath in my favorite color of PINK!!

I also came up with a idea for summer wreath. I'll tell you about that later :-)
Hope this inspires you to do some Spring decorating in your favorite spaces.

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