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~ Liberty University & Winter Jam ~ #RecruitAlways!!! ~

Liberty University - Spring 2002

How is it that this was already so long ago?! It feels like a different lifetime. I can recall marking all the graduation to-do's off my list leading up to my fam and friends arriving to celebrate with me. Including illegally reserving them seats in the Vines Center for the ceremony. I can still see Campus Pastor Dwayne Carson shaking his head as he caught me taping off a row of seats. LOL!!! It was a exciting whirl wind and yes, I have on acrylic nails in this pic. None of you should be all that surprised by my past love of fake nails. I'm a proper southern belle after all. Lol!! Getting this official pic taken was one of those things I knew my fam would want done. I walked into the book store where the photographer had his set up and as I put on that cap and gown I was kinda frozen at the thought this was actually happening.  I never imagined myself going to college when I was in High School. Not that I had a different or better plan, I just didn't imagine that I would ever truly have that opportunity. Well, it actually happened and I am still forever changed by my time at Liberty University. It didn't just give me an academic degree or some amazing real life experiences, but it gave me some of my very best, life long, more like family, friends that are still apart of my every day world.

Class of 2001
Thompson Bowling Arena
The Calm Before the Storm Known as
Winter Jam

Needless to say, I am a proud LU Alumni and when I was given the opportunity to represent by working a recruitment table at Winter Jam Knoxville, I did not hesitate. 1. I have worked Winter Jam Chattanooga five years in a row. 2. Back in the day concert production was my thing. So, getting to work one in a different capacity, particularly to recruit for my alma mater, was like the mother ship calling me home. 3. We all know how I feel about music, concerts, FOMO and artists in real life. I mean how was I to say no?! Anyway, I arrived and finagled my way into entrances I'm not suppose to and all that concert day magic started coursing through my veins. The smell of pop corn popping, the brain rattling sound that is the sound guys getting everything as it should be audio wise, and the somewhat seizure inducing testing of the LED screens by the tech guys. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH it's good to be home", was the thought that rolled through my mind. The recruiter LU had on the Jam tour was a cool kid and super easy to work for. There where two more alumni that had graduated from LU as I was beginning my LU experience, that also volunteered to help. It is kinda a small world I am constantly reminded. While I hadn't been a student at the same time as my fellow alum we of course had a 5 degree's of separation happening with mutual friends in common. It always trips me out when my varied worlds collide. I never imagine that there are other alumni in my area. I mean, not that I walk around with a LU Alumni shirt all time, LOL!!! How would anyone ever know?! Just the maddening way my mind works. Anyway, they where great and brought their two sons to help as well. The two sons kinda wandered back and forth from watching the performances to helping at the table. And in the intermissions they where such a GREAT help. It was insane!!! Literally (again, I'm not a Kardashian, I know how to use that word properly) hundreds if not thousands of kids, parents, youth leaders, etc. came by the recruitment table that night.

As I greeted, shook hands with, answered questions, and shared some of my LU story with all those prospective students I couldn't help, but feel proud........and very old. Now, don't get it twisted, a lot of kids came by just for the free swag and to check out the guitar being raffled off. LOL!!! But a solid amount where truly interested in researching their future and finding out what Liberty had to offer. It was wonderful to see the light in their eye as they considered their futures and to see a twinkle when I gave them an answer or an antidote that helped them feel like it could actually be possible for them. It is overwhelming to start on the pursuit and research process of University. I was glad to help calm a few parental minds and spark further interest in some prospective student's minds.

After my time at Liberty academically I began working for the university and eventually after a solid 9 something years I was professionally lead elsewhere for awhile. I was lead to yet another college where I began working in their recruitment office as an office manager. It was in my time with those recruiters and staff that I began, sometimes yelling, but always reminding everyone to "Recruit Always". It was kinda a joke and then we'd find ourselves in a random situation answering recruitment questions and it would click in our minds that we are walking, talking, real life billboards for our employer/this university and in being such we are to "Recruit Always". In working the Liberty table that night at Winter Jam those sometimes comical, but sometimes serious two words of "Recruit Always" came screaming back to my mind. It kinda felt like a full circle moment. ahahahahah!!!

Stellar electric guitar signed by all the
Winter Jam artists to be raffled
at the end of tour.

Along with my promo material for the show I was given a special code to use for those wanting to begin the application process. Now that the show is gone and done I wasn't sure if the code was still applicable, but a few weeks ago I got confirmation from LU that it could still be used to aid in the recruitment process. So, in keeping with my #RecruitAlways mentality, I would love to help anyone in my community or in my former community of Chattanooga, that would be interested in checking out Liberty for their college experience. As I mentioned, as an alumni I have been given a wonderful code to help make the application process more affordable and a bit easier. Just follow this link ---> <---- to look into the ap process and if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will do all that I can to help you out. This link should waiver the ap fee and direct  you straight to the beginning of the online application process. Again, any problems or questions,
please feel free to let me know and I will do all that I can to help answer questions, get you through the process or direct you to the department/office/person that you might need.

A big ol' shout out to my Alma Mater, Liberty University, thank you for letting me rep my university in this way as well as at Winter Jam Knoxville. I am so very proud of the time I spent at Liberty and the way it continues to change my life even now. I pray that someone else would be able to have that experience by getting a kick start through this application waiver. I truly can't say enough about my time as a Liberty University student. I adored it!!!! Happy Beginning of Summer and Happy College Hunting!!!!
Recruit Always!!!


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