Sunday, June 26, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ Follow Up ~ Thy Will ~ Official Video ~

Just wanted to follow up my past post "New Music Monday ~ Thy Will", a tune by Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum, along with her family, "The Scott Family". The official video is now out and Hillary has been doing a lot of press to go along with the tune, video and eventual CD release. "Thy Will" is a song that came out of extreme heartbreak with Scott learned that she had lost a pregnancy. I know several people who have gone through this and I CANNOT imagine the grief that follows it. I don't know that "mourning" is even a proper enough of a word to express their anguish. Mrs. Scott put into words what I think so many parents who have lost a baby probably wanted too. The song is so beautifully written and executed that I believe it is going to tough a lot of peoples lives. Folks that are going through a rough spot, questioning God, trying to understand His ways and accept that they are higher. I know that this song specifically has spoken into the current part of my life journey.

Since the official vid is out I wanted to follow up and share it with you. Pray it brings you comfort, encouragement, healing and/or whatever you may be needing where you are at on this life journey.

Hillary Scott - "Thy Will"
fr "Love Remains" w The Scott Family

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