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~ New Music Monday ~ May 23rd 2016 ~ Thy Will ~

I apologize for skipping last weeks posting. The Faith Journals seemed to be having technical difficulties in a variety of ways. But we are back and this week we are picking up with a change in genre....sort of. I have been around music my entire life. My mother played piano for church while I was in her tummy. Later she taught piano out of our home. My grandmother, grandfather, and the majority of my great aunts and uncles all sing or play or sing and play. That said, I have been around "Christian" music more than any other genre. I think that is safe to say. I have worked in Christian music in a variety of capacities, use it along with my Bible and other books in my daily devotions, sometimes the words of a Christian artist song are my prayers, when I can't seem to come up with the words I need. It has literally surrounded me my entire life. So, dedicating this weeks #NewMusicMonday to several artist who have genre hopped a bit into the gospel/Christian genre should be no surprise.

I have said thousands of times that the Lord will use whatever avenue required to get His word to you just when you need it. For me He has used not just music and books, but even social media. Something I sometimes refer to as "a kinda ridiculous vessel". It's true, social media doesn't have to be all selfies and meals. It can actually be used for something with a bit more depth if needed. Anyway, back to #NewMusicMonday, several weeks ago I received a free download from UMG (Universal Music Group). Well, they have literally (And I am using that word correctly, I'm not a Kardashian. I know how to properly use the word "literally".), millions of songs to choose from. Allowing me one download was like saying to a chocoholic you can have one M&M. I mean, don't get it twisted, I am grateful for the freebie. I am always grateful for freebies!!! Especially when it is music related. Well, after much ponder and research I decided to go with Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellums' new solo single titled, "Thy Will". Lady A is on a bit of a hiatus and each of its members have been working on a variety of projects. Hillary's project is with her mother, father, and sister, aka Hillary Scott and the Scott Family, a gospel/Christian album. The first single as I mentioned before is titled, "Thy Will". Hillary has an angelic voice to begin with, but she also has a light about her that has always lead me to believe that she too is a "believer". Now, I know a gospel song sang does not a Christian make, but some souls just radiate something that can only be attributed to a relationship with Him. I remember watching Lady A on a red carpet or pre show interview, they had Stevie Nicks with them as she was apart of the performance that night and they had done some earlier recording with her. Anyway, Stevie in discussing working with Hillary mentions specifically a light that she radiates and what a special spirit she has about her. For me, that really says something, particularly coming from Stevie Nicks. All that to say it is no surprise to me that Scott would put some time into recording a gospel album. Based on this first track I think it is going to be a beautiful body of work. I can't wait to hear the entire thing. I think it makes it all the more special that she had the opportunity and means to do this along with her family. Hillary has posted some Insta's of the video in progress and I think it too is going to be rather special.

Back to the song, this song has been speaking to where God has me rather specifically. I repeat, He will use whatever means necessary to get His truths to you. So, no matter what this track does on radio or video my prayer is that the Scotts know that the Lord has used this one for at least this one heart.

Hillary Scott and the Scott Family
"Thy Will"
Blake Shelton - "My Saviors Shadow"
fr "If I'm Honest"
I feel certain that all where taken aback when learning that Blake Shelton had written and released a gospel track for his upcoming album, "If I'm Honest". Blake isn't exactly known for his spiritual side, publically. Now, that's obviously not saying that he doesn't have one. Everyone relax. But a gospel track was a curve ball to anyone familiar with his Tweets. I'll just say that. I read that Shelton had a dream of this song while going through the toughest part of the last year or so and when he awoke immediately wrote the entire tune. Feeling as though it was something he was "suppose" to do and that it was meant as a comfort in such a rough time. I can certainly relate to that feeling. Well, I must say it turned out beautiful and I hope that the song itself gets the attention and airplay it deserves. As I said before, God will use whatever and whoever He needs to get His point and His truth to His people.
Lastly, this #NewMusicMonday I am sharing an oldie, but a goodie. This hymn will forever be timeless in my mind. Originally performed for Vince Gills, brothers funeral, it was later released as a single, was #1 for many weeks on both radio and video countdowns and was sang again at the funeral of George Jones. Being backed by Patty Loveless and Ricky Skaggs, Vince had every right to be at peace with the tune and the performance. I think it is perfect in every way. Judge for yourself.
This is the actual performance from
George Jones funeral held at
The Grand Ol Opry in Nashville, TN

I hope that this weeks New Music Monday has encouraged you, inspired you, and allowed you some peace going into this next week. He is always with you. He is for you. He is making a way. Keep on keeping on friends. Let Him use whatever He may to get His truth for you, to you, today. Loves and hugs!!!!

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