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~ New Music Monday ~ May 9th, 2016 ~ Black Out ~

Happy #NewMusicMonday!!!! I wanna start with thanking everyone who read last weeks post on "Fans, Frans and The Others" . I truly appreciate the extra love The Faith Journals received and the extra social media shares. I hope that many of you will become return readers. With Summer around the bend it would seem that every artist everywhere is gearing up for Summer tours, new album releases, and promo for it all. This week alone.....

......Keith Urban did a FB live stream Q & A with his fans to celebrate
the official release of "Ripcord". "Ripcord" already has three number 1's
which is kinda amazing considering upon their release a definite drop date
had not been announced for "Ripcord" the album. 

Thompson Square announced their next single for release
titled, 'You Make It Look So Good". I don't know about you, but I
have been seriously missing their presence on country radio
and at all these awards shows.
Kip Moore's 'Running for You' is slowly, but surely moving up
radio charts and is holding strong at #3 on GAC's Top 20 Country Countdown.
And I burnt lunch on Friday due to being so engulfed in watching/reading
media from Kip Moore and The Slow Hearts UK leg of
the Wild Ones Tour. I rarely suffer real and true FOMO (fear of missing out)
however, the social media coverage of the UK part of the Wild Ones tour had
me on a legit ledge. With post show acoustic performances in the alley ways
how could I not have FOMO??!!
So, obviously I have consumed every article, pic and video posted from it.
I did not however consume this Cajun chicken.
I could spend the entire post updating you on all that happened last week in music, but what I want to focus on this #NewMusicMonday is the upcoming release of Dierks Bentleys, 'Black' album. Following the trend of pre-release videos as apart of promo for an album, Dierks has already released four videos for 'Black'. One that is officially out for video countdowns and video channels for airing, "Somewhere On a Beach". Just this weekend it was announced that "Somewhere On a Beach" has hit number one on the charts. Another well deserved musical notch in Dierks Bentleys belt. "Beach" is the follow up to "Drunk on a Plane" and when it was released I kinda had a pit in my stomach. Not that it wasn't hilarious and totally a Dierktastic (I may have just coined that) kind of tune, but I had a fear that he was going to start following a particular formula. You see it all the time. Or should I say hear it?! An artist or more importantly an artists label, see's what is working and starts to force an artist not just into that mold for the moment, but forever. I can imagine as an artist it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd not just musically or lyrically, but visually. I think that the three vids that have been released online as apart of promotion for "Black" are going to help Bentley do just that. I am a HUGE fan of videos from the 90's. Garth Brooks, "The Thunder Rolls", Reba, "Fancy", Keith Urban, "Sunday Morning", I mean the list is endless, And I know that Luke Bryan kinda did this with "I Don't Want This Night To End" and "Drunk on You". I don't want to say that the art of video making has gone down since the initial up swing of video television, but I feel like for the most part, we totally know what to expect from a video these days. I mean, if you have seen a truck in a field in one country music video you have seen it in 30! Or some "country girl", I use that term lightly because the last time I went fishin' I didn't have a unbuttoned top button on m'denim shorts that are so short they are basically under wears. Paired with a white shirt that is thin enough to see the bra underneath it, dancing around in a field or "accidentally" getting caught in the rain. Dear directors and girls who like to think they are country, denim, a shirt tied in a knot, and a pair of cowboy boots, does not a country girl make. But if your only reference is country music videos, I can see why this would be new information.
"Black" is Dierk's wife, Cassidy's maiden name. He said that the album is partially named after her and the entire body of work is a bit of a love letter and story. Not necessarily all inspired by things they've specifically went through as a couple, but what a couple can go through in journeying through many years together. I think it is a beautiful thank you to someone who has supported you for so long. In most situations I am against the idea of a muse. Mainly because in most stories the muse ends up getting the bad end of the deal. But, in this body of work I think it is really rather special. The first "chapter" from  "Black" is, "I'll Be The Moon" featuring Maren Morris. All "chapters", a Dierks specific term for describing the online vids and released tunes, are shot in black and white along with the same actors/actress'. Each "chapter" representing a different song, but tied together by a visual and lyrical story line are kinda amazing to me. He didn't have to do it this way, but the video lover in me ADORES that he did.
"I'll Be The Moon" starts the current trilogy by setting up the couple with the push and pulls of an affair. I say "current" just because "Black" doesn't drop until May 27th. So, there is still time for several more "chapters" to be released online. Back to "I'll Be The Moon", I LOVE this song so much. Not necessarily because I understand the subject matter, but because it is just so beautifully written and executed. Y'all know I am a huge fan of Maren Morris so, I was super amped to read that she was going to be apart of one the tracks on "Black". And after hearing the tune I was on the edge of my seat for a video. Luckily we didn't have to wait but a day or two for the images that go with the lyrics. We never see Maren in the video, only hear her haunting vocals, but the story is so strong I don't know that it is something you even think about missing. Dierks being the vocal narrator through out the trilogy I can see how adding in visually that second vocal could be out of place.  
Dierks Bentley - "Ill Be The Moon"
Featuring Maren Morris
fr "Black"
Next: "What The Hell Did I Say"
Chapter Two is, "What The Hell Did I Say", a question that I think EVERYONE has asked them selves after leaving a nervous or drunk voice mail on someone's phone. And even worse, wondering what will happen if that message is received by the wrong person. Suddenly you are wondering how to break into their home, or car, steal their phone and delete the message at 4 a.m. Or is that just me?! "What The Hell Did I Say", may be the bit of comic relief needed to survive these super dramatic "chapters" from "Black". 
Currently the last "Chapter" available is, "Pick Up". Now, y'all, this video, for real though.....I am struggling with words because of its epic cliff hanger. This is the vid that is taking me back in my mind to my 90's music television, video watching afternoons after school. It's video's like these that brought me to the realization that the visual was just as important to the translation of the lyrics as the drum beat, chord progression, or bgv's are. Some songs don't even start hitting charts until fans get a glimpse of the video these days. Making videos a very important part of getting the music out. I had this feeling when the "I'll Be The Moon" video released that this could be an amazing opportunity to return to the oh so dramatic type of video that once existed in music. As I mentioned earlier what I am thinking when I say that is, Reba's, "Does He Love You", Garth Brooks, "The Dance", Faith Hill, "Breathe". These are epic videos that will forever be able to stand on their own and that totally hit the nail on the head as far as meeting visually the expectations of the lyrics.
"Pick Up" leaves us thinking/hoping that this is not the last chapter to be released prior to May 27th. We NEED to know how it all went down and what happens next. Do you hear me DIERKS BENTLEY?????!!!! We NEED to know!!!! Have you been secretly working as a writer for a soap opera? Just tell us. This is a safe zone. No judgment. 
Third: "Pick Up"
My heart skips a beat at the idea that these kinds of videos and continuing story lines could perhaps return to being in style. As with most things, only time will tell. For now, thank you Dierks Bentley for the released "Chapters" of "Black". You have us exactly where you want us in anticipation of "Black".
Keep calling in, snail mailing, tweeting, texting, instagram-ing, and fb-ing your radio and video requests to local stations and online. Follow the hosts of the countdowns on social media, send a thank you tweet or fb post to the stations that play your requests, post a insta shout out of your car radio to the station that randomly, with out request, played your favorite tune. I have programed local radio stations into my cell so that when I am in line somewhere or stuck in traffic or am riding shot gun I can call in a request. I follow my local radio stations and the national video channels on social media so that I don't miss out on special events they host. I.E. Cam at WIVK fund raiser a few months back, it was fb live streamed and I didn't have to miss a minute just because I was sick. Really and truly social media communication can be a wonderful thing. It doesn't have to be ridiculous or annoying. It's all up to us, the users, the communicators, the posters, the tweeters....ahahaha tweeters, anyway, it's up to you!!! 
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