Thursday, May 5, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ Belated ~ RIP ~ The Artist Formerly Known As... ~

I was out of town and New Music Monday was on Spring Break when the news of Prince's death broke. It is so sad and odd to me how many true artists and musical genius' we have lost in the last year. It's almost overwhelming if you spend too much time thinking on it all. Well, in honor of the "Artist Formerly Known As" I wanna post one of my most favorite of 'New Girl' episodes. I think it is a proper portrayal of how all mortals would react when meeting such a celestial being. 
Prince Guest Stars on
New Girl
I also wanna share one of my favorite Prince written, but not performed songs. While Prince was an amazing artist in his own right he also had a heavy influence in setting up some of the most iconic songs/performances of the 80's and 90's for example, Sineade O'Conners' "Nothing Compares", written by Prince. Carmen Electra, discovered by Prince. He created her entire brand even giving her the name 'Carmen Electra'. There are so many the list goes on forever, but I'll share my 80's girl band favorite from the Bangles, "Manic Monday". Who didn't want to be Susanna Hoff ?!
Bangles - 'Manic Monday'
Written by Prince
Lastly, he was an artist who wanted to do things on his own terms. When the label was trying to force some of their ideals on Prince he refuted by changing his name to a symbol and becoming, if even temporarily, "The Artist Formerly Known As". He believed in owning your own masters, being 100% who you are, even if who you are sticks out like a sore thumb. He was just the kind of artist that other artist could easily respect. May you Rest In Peace with the knowledge your art and your influence will continue on.

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