Tuesday, May 17, 2016

~ New Music Monday ~ Black Out Addition ~ Chapter 4 ~ May 13th

In last weeks New Music Monday  we shared the first three chapters of Dierks Bentleys, "Black". As mentioned we had hopes that there where more chapters or at least a little closure as we get closer to the May 27th release of "Black" the album. Well, he must have heard our requests because out now is "Black", the fourth chapter of pre-release videos leading into the albums release. However, like the clever minx that he is Bentley has only left us wanting more. Does she get caught? Does she get arrested? How did she ax lover number one? Does lover number two rat on her? Well, we may never find out or this may become one of those oh so epic albums that produce a larger story visually as singles and videos release. Time will tell. Until then, enjoy the first four chapters of "Black" along with the number one hit "Somewhere On a Beach".

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