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~ Insta Blog ~ March 22nd, 2017 ~ Glam Bag, The Eye's Have It ~ Revlon, Tarte, Elf, & Benefit Cosmetics ~

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~ Blue Eyeliner by Stacie and Tarte ~
When You Do Blue Eyeliner & The Very Next Day Does a Blue Eyeliner Tutorial = Matchy Matchy Best Friends High Five!! #CosmeticsJunky #ICantQuitWhenIWant #ButWhyWouldIWantTo #TarteCosmetics #Blue #Eyeliner #Tutorials #MimiBobeckInspiration #ItsOkToFeelBlueNowAndThen

This Was a Instagram Post from Last Week. The Day After I Did a Blue Eyeliner, Tarte Did a Insta Tutorial for Their Limited Edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow/Liner, Found Here. I Always Get Amped When I Come Across Something Similar to What I've Done on a Brands Site. It Lets Me Know That My Idea Wasn't as Crazy as I Feared or if it is That I'm Not the Only Crazy Cosmetics Junky Out There, LOL!!! I Am Becoming a Huge Fan of These Insta Tutorials that Tarte has Been Offering. If You Ever Need/Want a Little Tip or Just to See What is New then be Sure to Follow Them on Socials. I Have Not Tried the Tarte Brand Yet, but Have Plans to in the Near Future.
And Just for Reference My Blue Eyeliner Pictured Above is By Revlon and is the Photoready Kajal Collection in Matte Marine. It Can be Found at Local Drug or Box Stores as well as Online, Here.

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Left - Clinique Chubby Lash Mascara
Right - Benefits They're Real Mascara

1. I Know This Pic is Creepy. My Apologies in Advance for Any Nightmares it May Cause. 2. Further Proof My Eyes Change Colors. 3. No Filters. No Edits. Just Lighting & Angles. While We Are Discussing Eye's I Wanted to Go Over This Recent Gem in My March Birch Box. I Have What I Call a "Beauty Bucket List", it is Basically Products That I Have Either Heard, Read or Seen So Much About that I Too MUST Try Them at Some Point. One Such Product is Benefit Cosmetics, "They're Real" Mascara. It's Been on My List for Awhile So I was Mega Stoked to See It as a Customizable Option for My March Birch Box. I Was So Excited I Nearly Waited on the Curb for the Mail Man. Once it Arrived I Had to Try it ASAP!!!

I Must Say, It Did Not Disappoint. They are Very close, but I Can Say #TheyreReal Seems to Have Added a Bit of Length. I Have Light Eye Lashes & What is Called a Hooded Eye Lid. So, Eye Make - Up is Almost Pointless, but I Wear it Anyway to Surprise People When I Blink, LoL!!! Anyway, All That Said My Lashes Require a Good Quality Mascara to Even be Seen and Benefits "They're Real" Impressed Me.

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

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~ StacieTennessee Instagram ~

I Am Not a One Brand Only Kind of Girl. When it Comes to Cosmetics I Am All About What Works, What I "Need" and What is Financially Wise for My Budget, Making Elf Cosmetics  One of My Favorite Go-To's!! Friends/Fam/Followers, If You Aren't Registered on as a #BeautySquad Member You Should Be. You Earn Rewards When You Purchase via the Site & That is On Top of Whatever Bonus Might Be Offered by ebates & Elf Regular Promotions. For Any Fellow #CosmeticsJunky it Really is a Must!! Stay Tuned for Some Stacie Created Beauty Looks with Elf Products. To Register w Elf Click Here. Elf Cosmetics, Thanks So Much for the Fun #MysteryGifts!! I Could NOT Wait to Play w it All.
Continuing in the Elf and Eye Theme of This Post I Wanted to Share Elfs, Eye Primer. My Eye's Water ALL THE TIME!!! And Allergy Season Only Makes it Worse. So, When I am Doing a Bold Eye or Really Any Eye Look, Primer is Important. I Must Say that I am Pleasantly Surprised to Find that Elf's Eye Primer was Such a Solid Product. It is Almost Silky to the Touch as it Goes on and Totally Works w Keeping Shadow Where it is Suppose to Be!! I Was Glad When I Returned from Grocery Shopping a Few Days Ago to See that My Eye Shadow Was Still on My Eye and Not Under it & for $2.00 it is a Legit STEAL!!!!!!
Revlon, Benefit, Birch Box and Elf are Now Officially #StacieRecommended, #DiscountDivaApproved, Glam Bag Must Have Brands!! I Suggest Following them on Socials to Keep Up w What is New, Discounts, Give-A-Ways, Tutorials, Ideas, Tips, Etc.
Stay Tuned for Future Glam Bag Posts Coming Soon!

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