Wednesday, March 22, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ March 8th, 2017 ~ The Father of Lies ~

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I Am Unsure Why At This Point in My Life I Struggle w Keeping Myself Reminded that the Enemy is the Author of Lies, John 8:44 Tells Us So. However, as I Battle w The Things the Lord Has Placed in My Life For the Moment I Seem to Consistently Forget That I am Also, On Top of All These "Life" Things, Battling, as Ephesians 6:12 States, the "Father of Lies". Realizing Who We are in Christ is So Ver...y Vital to Our Daily Survival. It is of the Same Importance & Plays as Big a Role in Our Health as nourishment, Hydration, Sunlight, Sleep, Movement, Etc. Spending Time in His Word, in Prayer, in Serving His Children are the Best Ways to Help Keep Us Reminded of the Truth in Our Lives, in Our Being, in Our Creation. Without, We Fall Prey to the Lies. Be Intentional Today in Owning Who He Has Made You & Called You to Be. He Knows Every Star in the Sky & Every Grain of Sand on the Beach & Still He Felt Your Presence Was Missing fr This World.

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