Sunday, November 22, 2015

~ The Ministry We Have Now ~

" Pay attention to the ministry you have received in the Lord . " Colossians 4:17

Yesterday as I did my devo's and journaled , in the midst of all my question asking , crying in confusion and just openly hurting to my Heavenly Father , I for some reason wrote into my journal " use my tomorrow for whatever you need " . I had already had semi planned what the day might hold , but was awoken by God taking me at my word . When we say to Him , " use ......" Fill in the blank w my day , my talent , my time , my money , etc . we best well mean it . He will take us at our word . He will call on us when we have offered our lives or resources to His plans . He has continued to remind me that in the midst of my personal chaos and testing there is still work to be done for Him . This side of Heaven there will always be work to be done in His name . I would challenge/encourage you , no matter your current situation , to consider what ministry He may have for you right where you are . Right in the midst of your greatest pain , most financially unstable week,  month , year , most confounding confusion . Right there in the midst of your mess , what might He be wanting or trying to give you as a ministry . As Christians it is never gonna be about how we loved , lived and survived in the good times . Its gonna be how we loved , lived and managed to survive in the bad times . Does that make any sense to ya ? I pray so . This felt as though it was meant for more than just me . My prayer for you this week is that you would be able to sense His leading in your life . Be able to focus on what the ministry He is trying to allow you might be . Love y'all ! You are NOT alone .

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