Sunday, November 22, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ I Will Fight For You ~ Exodus 14:14 ~

" The Lord Will Fight For You , You Need Only to Be Still . " Exodus 14:14
In the last few days I have really felt the Lord taking me to task with this verse . I had become proud thinking the " be still " part was so simple . Well , I don't think I had really known what it was to want to fight , kick , punch , smack , swear , yell , hair pull & all the other violent actions of a fight until recently . Wanting to physically come to blows with someone and having this verse brought to mind is a real genuine struggle . Put down your dukes . Quiet your tongue and your mind . No kicking . No scratching . It isn't so easy . Today , hands to myself and mind everywhere else , I am clinging , perhaps like never before to the truth of this verse . He WILL fight for you . Matter of fact . It ' s so important for us to know that He will stand in front of us and in place of us to take or deliver a hit that He made sure the writer of this verse used the word FIGHT . Fight and Be Still . What contradictions !!! But His directive is clear . My job = Be Still . His job = Fighting . Whatever He may be taking you to task on believe on Him to keep His word . He is the most faithful of us all . 

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