Friday, July 21, 2017

~ Insta Blog ~ July 12th, 2017 ~ Special Occasions ~

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I Believe the Conversation Began Over "Fancy" vs "Everyday" Dishes. I Grew Up "Saving" Things for "Special" Occasions. Easter Dress, Back to School Stuff, Certain Jewelry/Make Up, etc. I Almost Went Insane. I'm Not Always the Most Patient Person, Especially if I Don't Understand the "Why" of Something.

As I Got Older & Became in Charge of When I Use, Wear, etc. Stuff I Started Wondering Why We Save Things for Special Occasions?! If it Makes You Happy, If it Brightens Your Room, Day, Mindset or Someone Else's, Why Would We Only Reserve it for "Special" Occasions?! Why Wouldn't We Use it to Make Every Day a Special Occasion??!! That Was the Discussion I Had w a Bff About Her Wedding Dishes. She Now Uses Them on the Regular & Has Gotten Opportunities to Use Them to Brighten Others Days As Well. Its Important to Be a Steward of What the Lord Has Given Us, but We Mustn't Think That ALWAYS Equals "Saving".

Sometimes it is "Spending", Wearing, Using, Sharing That Equals Good Stewardship. Wear the Earrings & Lipstick. Use the Christmas Dishes Starting in November. Share the Dessert. Now, We Only Know Now. Yesterday is Gone & Tomorrow is Not Promised. Take it a Day at a Time, but Don't Neglect to Enjoy the Day & All the Opportunities it Presents to be a Special Occasion.

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