Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Re Purpose To Everything - Tip 12 - Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Re-Purpose

As I mentioned in this Prior Post I worked today on a few quick crafts for a care package . Tonight I finished it up . My favorite part may be the packaging .

Before : Empty re-writable CD Case
I took an empty re-writable CD case , random pieces of scrapbook paper , and some home made mod podge . I used the scraps of paper to line the inside of the case to make it pretty, fun and to protect the identity of the contents of the package from any would be mail thieves . :-)

After : Care Package Fun

I'm looking forward to putting this fun surprise into the mail to a dear friend . It's contents are just a few little things to brighten her day , give her some much needed, deserved energy and just to make her smile and know she is loved !

Contents: chicklets , home made book marks , energy water packets,
almonds , hair bow, AWESOME FAT Chocolate Chap Stick (the tube
is the size of a glue stick !) and a note .

This package cost me very little, but it will become priceless when my dear friend opens her mail box to find a fun surprise waiting for her . I hope this encourages you to think a little out side the box for your next project . It truly is , for most people , the thought that matters not the cost . I'd love to challenge you to look around your home and see what might be re purposed, something that you might have two or more of, or something little that even the most craft-declined person could make into something wonderful for someone who might need their day brightened .

Happy Crafting !

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