Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's Worth a Try

Red bird

Most of you know by now that one of my growing hobbies is gardening . I've been growing several "test" subjects since March in flower pots and other random containers . With most of my plants I've had great success, but my carrotts just did not seem to want to grow . I had stems, but not vegetables for the longest time . Finally in frusteration and at the end of my new gardening patience I gave up on the carrots . Figuring that 5 out of 6 plants going as planned was good enough for my first go at the hobby . I uprooted my sad little stems and retossed the soil for use with other plants . I have a new mint plant that is very thankful for the soil . I left the bucket of "to be used" soil on my porch with the other plants, assuming the rain, sun, and other natural elements would serve it well until I found a new purpose for it .

The past several mornings I've noticed a large dent in the soil . I at first figured it just settled in the night or perhaps a cat had found it's way into the bucket for a nap . I've seen such kitty napping spots on neighbors porches when on my walks around the neighborhood . Not being too bothered or concerned I just retossed the soil and went about my buisness . However , with each morning and afternoon the soil appearing to be disturbed, my curiosity has grown, not to mention the sting of being reminded that I failed with my sad little carrot stems that once lived in the bucket .

Well, today the mystery was solved . I spent the morning and afternoon doing some catch up with errands , car repair , etc . and when Jack and I finally pulled back into the drive I saw a red bird emerge from my former carrot bucket . As I got out of the car already talking to the bird as if it might answer me, "hey birdie are you resting in my bucket ?!" , his spouse poked her head out of the bucket . The red bird waiting on a near by branch for his mate watched my ever careful moves . Both flew to quick for me to get a photo and catch them red handed.......or red feathered as it where, or for me to distiguish if they happen to be red birds or cardinals .

I couldn't help but giggle as they flew off to a higher branch of a further away tree . Who knew ?! I never would've figured it on my own . What I had considered a failure was a sweet success to another . My non exsistent carrot plants provided a nice shade and cooling off spot for two of my prettiest back yard visitors . I recall reading at some point in my schooling that at times birds will "dig" or flutter in dirt or mud puddles to cool off on hot days . Just goes to show you never know what even your attempts at success might mean to another . This is a sweet and surprising encouragement to me that everything is at least worth a try . Just because in my little mind I "failed" or something didn't go as planned doesn't mean it was a waste !!!

I think on the list of my next DIY projects is going to be a bird bath for my porch . I would love to provide a little resting spot for some weary travelers . This picture  from Pinterest may be my future inspiration, Pin Found Here .

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  1. Hey! I want to make this same little water bowl for birds too! I saw it a few days ago. Well, it won't be this snazzy but I am determined to make one out of my old Disney bowls that I had when I was a kid b/c it just sits in the cabinet. So, I figure the birds would love to see Mickey everyday when they get a gulp of nice, cool water! hahah