Friday, June 15, 2012

Easy Fathers Day Gifts - Tip 10

 Every gift giving holiday or event I strive to get a gift that isn't just about "giving/getting a gift" . I want it to be thoughtful, helpful, useful and/or meaningful to the one I'm giving it to . If I can't meet at least two of those requirements then I tend to just give a card . With Fathers Day just a few days away I have been thinking for a while on what to get the men in my life . I'm very lucky to not have demanding or hard to please fellas to shop for . Usually I hear , " don't get me anything " when asked about gift giving events and holidays . But, if you are anything like me shopping for men is extremely difficult even with out the pressure .

Some of you know that I love coupons ! It took me a long time to see the use in purchasing items with coupons that I didn't need immediately . However, through the years I have figured it out . Items that do not perish or have a expiration date that is several years away are totally worth purchasing with a coupon, sale or deal then storing . For example - condiments such as ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, dressings, lotions , shave cream, shampoo's,  etc. I have purchased several for 50 cents or less at times or even gotten them for free. When you have a coupon that is buy 2 get one free combine with a store special of buy one get one you can walk away with 4 bottles and only having had pay for 1 (pending store couponing policies) . AMAZING!! Maybe I'm a grocery nerd, but I'm o.k. with that because of how helpful it's been to me .  In the summer condiments are often one of the highlighted sale items at your local grocer due to the popularity of camping, picnicking and BBQ's .

So, for this Fathers Day one of my special men will be getting some grilling/BBQ items along with whatever else they receive . I don't think I know a man father or otherwise that doesn't BBQ or grill .

Bottle of Kens Marinade = Free
Mustard = .50
A1 = $1.00
Worcestershire sauce = 1.00 or less
Oven Mitt = 1.00

Happy Fathers Day !!!

I hope this encourages you to be creative and maybe a little less stressed
 about your gift selection this Fathers Day .
Just keep in mind it's about the thought you put behind a gift not the money !

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