Thursday, June 28, 2012

Free Starbucks, Worth It ! Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Repurpose -Tip 13

I'm not too sure when or how it happened, but I now consider myself a coffee addict . I love me some coffee in the morning to start my day when possible . There's just something about my hands around the warm cup, with the steam coming off the top, and the coffee yumminess in my tummy that really makes me a happy person in the a.m . This addiction can become expensive if you give into the temptations of specialty coffee , shops & drive thru's . In order to save a buck , recycle and feed my addiction I put into action the offer on the back of the bag . Some starbucks brand coffee grounds have the magical power to get you FREE coffee !!!! Bags have a marking on the back with instructions on how to recieve the free coffee . I encourage you to read the back of your coffee ground bag to see what other wonderful savings you might find .

Starbucks Coffee Grounds $7.99 - Target Special
Coupon - $1.50      
Target Red Debit Card 5% Discount         
Total: $ 6.16 for COUNTLESS amounts of
coffee in the comfort of my home AND
 a free cup from the coffee shop !

 WORTH IT !!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy Coffee deserve one !!!

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