Friday, July 25, 2014

~ Summer Reunions ~

Summer is that time of year where we give ourselves permission to stay out a little and wake up a little too late . We throw our hair in top knots instead of doing the work to wear it down and wear sunnies instead of make - up . We do just about anything so that we can maximize our relaxation / vacation time . Another thing about Summer is that we find ourselves with opportunities to catch up with friends . For some reason the rest of the year just seems to make it impossible . I blame the holidays . Yup , August to May it's the holidays fault that we do not have time to meet up . This summer has allowed me several meet ups with good friends . I said it here before , but I am truly grateful for friends who are willing to do a " meet in the middle "  kind of trip so that none of us are traveling too far or spending all our cash on gas .

My most recent meet up was when a few of my former roomies traveled to Gatlinburg for a girls trip . I wasn't able to spend the week with them , but I was able to go back and forth from my place to their cabin to spend some time . For me , something is better than nothing , especially in these situation . I of course would have loved to spent their entire stay with them , but it just wasn't possible . This girls trip was a tad different than our trips of the past . Back in the day it wasn't unusual that five or six of us would cram into Jessica's Malibu (aka Club Bu) and drive to the beach , DC or any city worth while for a few days . But , alas times have changed and our trips require more planning , more vehicles and more space . Mainly because we are now out numbered by children . 
Ebe's 30th in DC

VA for Jess's Wedding .

This trip was fun for many reasons , but for me one of them was the fact that six years ago we had one of our meet ups in Gatlinburg . Jessica had just had Sophia and was the first in our group to have a baby . We all took turns carrying her around (Soph not Jess just to clarify :) ) , taking pictures of her , dressing her up and just really enjoying being together ( as we always do ) . Obviously when you are in the land of clogging , Dolly Parton , and home made everything , you ARE going to take the opportunity to play dress up with your friends children . That first trip we all kind of thought of Sophia as a living doll . This is merely one of many outfits we put on her . Six years later and we still enjoy treating her like a baby doll .
Sophia @ " Lidl ' Dollys Dresses " a factory outlet
for those frilly dresses your mom put you in as a child.......
.....Was that just me.......
.....and Aubrey ?!
The reason we went back to " Lidl ' Dollys " was not just for a recreate , but for Aubrey . When her mom told her she was getting a new dress , her reply and I am not exaggerating one little bit was , " OH Momma thank you so much !!!" . I . Can't . Even . Handle . The . Cuteness !!!! Once BB ( aka Aubrey ) got to the dress section she just could not choose . Clearly a child after Aunt Stacie's own heart . When we asked Sophi if she wanted one she simply replied in her 6 going on 16 tone with a eye roll and a " no " . She did however allow for me to do that recreate of her holding a dress . Another difference on this trip is that three more kids have been added to our group with one more on the way . I didn't manage to get as many pics of the boys . They move quickly and often making them difficult subject to photograph .
Griff , Pax , Soph & BB
Ripleys Auquarium of the Smokeys

Munchkins in a row .
Photo Cred - Aunt EBE
Our time pool side , the way we travel , and what we now find entertaining may have changed with the years , but one thing that has not is our love and true enjoyment of being together . It could be my favorite thing about my friends . We can be apart for who knows how long , but AS SOON as we are in one another's presence it is as if no time has passed at all . Wearing make - up is pointless , not because of the heat , but because we are going to laugh it all off . Fixing our hair perfectly is a waste of time because someone's child is more than likely gonna wanna play hair salon . And going to the pool with the hope of a tan is just silly . Pool time is now spent helping the kids to jump , play and swim (another reason hair and make up is a waste ) .
Me and my girls in our swimwear .
JK - Pinterest Pic
For me my friendships have always been what is most important to me . Those relationships and of course my family are the most valuable things I have . My family has always said that the Lord blessed me with some really good friends and I agree . If I never make another friend I already have been given more than I deserve . Love you girls and can't wait till our next gathering .

How do you and your friends / family keep in touch ? Do you have summer rituals / traditions ? Where is your " meet in the middle " ? Please share with us in the comment sections . Also ,  feel free to click on highlighted words/links found through out this post to see previous /related posts from The Faith Journals .  
Sophia being " attacked " by a bear . It didn't fit in
the story of the post , but was too amazing not
to share with you ! If she wants to be a actress
when she grows up it is all our faults .

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