Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Desk ~ Quick Fix ~ Guest Post

I have been very excited to share this latest Guest Post " Quick Fix " with you . My friend Kelly (aka Melly ) as an amazing eye and great taste when it comes to home decor . Especially when it comes to DIY home décor . Melly and her hubby are coaches at a private school in Florida . I think everyone understands a phrase like "teachers salary " , which is the kind a of budget most coaches I know are on as well . Well when Melly did her first set of home DIY's I encouraged her to blog them , but she did not . So , when she started this second set I requested permission to blog them . They are so awesome it simply isn't fair that she keep them to her self . So , here is her second post in the " quick fix " series , you can find her first post here .

~ DIY Desk ~

When you don't have a lot of money because you just spent it all moving into an awesome apartment , it can be pretty depressing ! Especially when that apartment is empty ! In order to furnish our new apartment , we had to get a little dirty . We found the nearest salvage place ( Echo Relics , for those in Jacksonville ) and loaded up on old wood , which we were able to negotiate a price for .
One super easy project we just finished was our desk for our office . We found a solid piece of ply wood , had them cut it at the salvage yard and were lucky enough to find the brackets we needed as well . We had the wood cut into 4 , 3 foot pieces , and the leftovers we had them cut into 4 , 2 foot pieces and we had two , one foot pieces left over after that . We used the mighty drill ( very fun to use ) to make a solid square with the 3 foot wood and then used brackets ( also can be found at a salvage store or hardware store for pretty cheap ) to prop it on the wall . We wanted to make it look like it was floating . With the 1 foot pieces , we made a box style shelf inside the desk . It was very easy to do , but you will need two hands !
Not a pic fr a magazine !! Mellys actual
project . I think it's AMAZING !!
With the leftover wood , we made floating , zig-zag like shelves to hold our records on . These are still a work in progress , but the same concept applies . The drill is your best friend ! And brackets will secure anything to your wall...even drywall like ours !
The total cost of our project was about $30 for the desk and shelves . We would never have found anything that cheap that we didn't make ourselves !
~ Melly
Thank you so much Melly for sharing this awesome DIY . Melly has several other great DIY home projects that I am hoping she will share on her blog or with us via guest posts . What are some DIY projects you have gotten into lately ? Anything you'd like to share with us ? Keep a eye on for future guests posts , quick fixes and varied other musings .
You can click on the high lighted links through out this blog for other "Quick Fix" posts through out the Faith Journals . We all could use a little help making life a little more simple .

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