Saturday, July 5, 2014

~ Discount Diva ~ Break it Down - Session 1 ~ "Would you like your reciept ?" ~

I was out shopping with a friend a while back and was asked , "How did you do that ? " , referring to the price I paid verses the amount of goodies I walked away with . I thought you might enjoy a quick break down on how it works too . Today's break down is specific to coupons found on your receipt . If ever asked , "Would you like your receipt ?" (because some places give you a option so not to waste printer paper) I always say YES !! At the bottom of some of these receipts there will be a survey web site or phone number . I honestly couldn't tell you the last time it was a phone number , but still I am sure they exist . I am going to do a quick little break down for you to hopefully help you see these surveys as a help not a hassle . I know that when you are standing in store , hands full of goodies it is sometimes hard to do the math on if you are getting a good deal , if it is worth the purchase to use the coupon , etc . I have done this so many times that I am sure the people think I am stealing due to how long I had been standing there .

When doing these surveys online you are never asked anything personal in the area of address , social security number , credit card number , etc . If you ever are asked for something so personal on a survey please hear this in your head " ABORT ABORT ABORT !!!! " . Todays specific examples are going to be with Bath and Body Works and Sonic .

Bath and Body Works receipts occasionally have a survey offer at the bottom . You simply go online , follow the prompts , answer the questions and after about 5 minutes (if that) and completing the survey you are given a discount code to write onto a blank spot on your receipt . The normal I have noticed tends to be $10.00 off of a $30 purchase . Now , at first I thought I am not going to be spending $30 in order to make this coupon worth it . I was wrong ! This is how I made the most out of my coupon . Now and then Bath and Body Works will put their 3-wick candles on sale 2/$22 . My favorite are French Lavender Vanilla . Lavender is a helpful scent to have on hand for migraine sufferers , making it necessary for me to keep around . Regularly these great candles are 1/$22 (which I just can't bring myself to pay) making the sale basically a 2-for-1 . With these in hand I am already almost to my $30.00 requirement . Remember , if I spend $30 I receive $10 off the purchase making the candles 2/$20 by the time I am done . Now I think , "What else can I purchase that is 1. needed ( I don't want to waste money . That is just counter productive . ) and 2. will not push me over that $30.00 requirement (my goal is to save money and get the most for my buck after all) " .  There are several options at B&BW since they normally have a "3 for $"  of a" buy 2 get 1" kind of deal going on with lotions , sprays and what nots . Today's deal was purchase 3 travel size lotions , sprays or bath gels for $10.00 (this was a great deal b/c the usual is 3/$12) .  You could purchase a variety of any scent but , for me I took the opportunity to mark a birthday gift off my "to-purchase" list . I purchased a set for a friend going on a trip . I thought it made for the perfect bday gift and handy for travel size requirements ! So , with my coupon and the deals they had that day I ended up leaving the store with two 3-wick candles (normally $22 each) and three travel size items (buy 3 for $10) making my total after the coupon , sale discounts and with taxes right around $23.00 ish dollars . Basically making the three travel size items free . It was totally worth the 5 minutes it took to complete the survey weeks earlier . Also , the survey coupons never expire (I was told by a sales associate) so there is no rush to use it . They do not work online or in combination with the promotional coupons that they send out in the mail . Victoria Secret use to do a similar coupon on their receipts . I believe it was $10 off of $50 . I am unsure if they still do b/c it's been so long since I've shopped there , but it's worth a glance at your receipt . Especially during Semi-Annual Sale time .  Just a FYI .

This is how I do at My Sonic , I try to keep a free route 44 coupon in my purse at all times . You never know when you are just gonna NEED a cherry-limeaid ! Again , these coupons are attained by doing a quick online survey . The survey is found at the bottom of your receipt and almost blends in with the normal this and that of receipt information . It barely takes 5 minutes and again at the end you are given a code to write onto your receipt . It would seem that these codes do not expire either , however I have not had the chance to ask someone for 100% surety . I have just had one for a really long time and still been able to use it . Think about it , go through the drive-thru at happy hour (2-4pm) spend $1.00 ish on a bevi , get a survey on your receipt , complete survey , and receive code for a free beverage no matter the time of day....making all hours , happy hour ! A route 44 is a ginormous bevi I think it is something one could sip on all day....or for several days . It cost $2.19 before taxes at most Sonics that I have visited . In the long run making your previous drink purchase a 2 for 1 . Every now and then the coupon is a free route 44 w a food purchase . I think even if you "have" to buy some mozzarella sticks you are coming off with a good deal !
Just for some size perspective - this is a large .

I know it might all seem silly or like a bunch of work just to save a buck . That is what I thought originally , but my couponing , survey taking and just paying attention has saved me so much in the long run that it makes it worth it for me . It has yet to be a task not worth the deal . I hope that these examples of break downs help you to think through coupons you may have or may attain in the future and how to best use them . I hope to write a few more of these in the future helping you to break down the simply discounts that are all around you .  Happy Shopping !! Happy Couponing !!

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