Friday, July 4, 2014

~ Happy 4th of July !!! ~

 Happy 4th of July from The Faith Journals !!!

Jack Davis and I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful day with people you love celebrating the amazing freedom that is a gift to us . As you can see in the above collage Jack has enjoyed being outside , eating a turkey burger patty , and (not pictured) playing with his favorite neighborhood dog , Storm . And yes , we wore July 4th tiara's as apart of our holiday fashion . Like you are THAT surprised that I have July 4th themed tiara's . Jack did not enjoy the tiara as much as I did , of course .

Thank you Papaw for your 20 years of service to the
US Navy . This is Papaw back in the day on one of the
battle ships . He looks so cool !!!!!

Thank you to the Partin family for your sacrifice in
service in the US Army . Jon is a service man and Sarah is
his wife (she's m'bff ) .
I hope that today you had the opportunity in some form or fashion to thank those who sacrifice so that we can be free to celebrate and live any way we want . Above is a picture of Papaw in his living on a carrier days and my bff Sarah with her husband who serves in the Army . We can't forget to thank the families of the military men . They all sacrifice in one way or another for our freedom . In hearing stories from my Mamaw and watching Sarah's journey as military wives I believe the military wife is a form of super hero .

Enjoy the rest of your fourth !! I am unsure Jack and I will do the firework thing . He has a tendency to think they are an intruder and runs around barking.....even if we are outside .

He refuses to look at the camera .
How did you celebrate this holiday ?!

Out takes of an attempt to get a good picture .
You can see the defeat in his eyes .

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