Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~ Quick Fix ~ A Big Zit on a Big Day ~ Guest Post

The second guest post in my " Quick Fix " series is from one of my favorite former RA's , best haunted house PIC , and original Team Logic member - Kelly Mills Brindley . I call her Melly . You can too . Melly is one of my favorite people to talk fashion and make up with . It isn't unusual for us to go several weeks with out chatting and then randomly send one another a text about a t.v. or movie personality that has some jacked up bronzer on . It's how real friends do . Today Melly's Quick Fix is a cosmetology fix . Each of us struggle at one point or another with concealer and the reason(s) we need it ! Whether it is to hide some under eye luggage or to cover a surprise red alert on our face that just happen to appear on the day of a big interview , we all know what it is like to try and cover it up . Here is some great advice from the Beautiful Melly !!
Melly and myself at her wedding . As you can tell by
her amazing dress and hair accessory her
fashion/cosmological advice can be trusted . In my opinion anyway !
The dreaded zit on a big day!

In the past few years, after giving up on birth control because of crazy side effects, I have had pimples galore ! I have also had interviews , meetings , pictures , and other things that I needed to put my best foot forward for . Here is the best way I have learned to quickly fix the huge inflamed zits on my face . First use tinted moisturizer , then add either a purple or green concealer . Yes , the colored ones ! Blend it really well , and yes , it will be that color on your face . Then apply skin toned concealer and blend . Add your powder or foundation as normal. It's the best that I have found so far!

~ Melly

I will add that I have tried this method in the past and agree that it is amazing how those purple/green concealers can help . I also use tinted moisturizer as apart of my normal make - up routine for under eye baggage and eye brightening . Stay tuned for future guest posts from Melly . I can not wait to show you a few of her DIY projects that she has been working on . I promise it is worth checking back for !!

Thanks so much for sharing with us Melly !

Feel free to click on any highlight words or scroll through the Faith Journals for past " Quick Fix "  posts . What are some of your " go-to " make-up tricks ? Share them with us like we are your little sister in need of a make-up lesson !

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