Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Velcro - Quick Fix

I realize that someone somewhere may have already had this idea , but for me it was a light bulb moment ! When I vacuum I feel that there are always those little attachment pieces falling off . I either bump them with my leg , run them into something or just look at them wrong way and they fall off . It is really irritating when you're trying to do a quick pick up around the house . Well , my last time in cleaning I had a ah-ha moment of the house wife kind . Amazing right ?! VELCRO !!! Why had I never thought of this before ?
This pack of sticky back velcro cost about 2 bucks . I only needed two or three pieces so I'll just save the rest for a later project . I am sure it will come in handy .

Placing a set of the adhesives on the vacuum and the matching piece onto the attachment . EUREKA !!! A quick fix indeed . I was able to do a quick sweep of the house sans attachments attacking me as I go .
If you have already thought of this and are sitting there saying , "no duh" , then my apologizes . If you are like me and this is a light bulb moment , CONGRATS !!! I hope you find this to be extremely helpful as you handle chores around the house .
What are some of  the quick fixes and light bulb moments you've had as of late ?!
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