Tuesday, April 1, 2014

~ Fresh Air ~

Spring is truly around the corner .
Jack Davis is sporting his warm weather hair do' .
There is a irony to the title of this post . Any of you that are FB friends know that today's status was , "If any one needs me I'll be a Benadryl haze until June-ish " . Oh, the joys of spring !!! Directly beside my home there is a row of pear tree's . If you are familiar with the tree I probably don't need to go any further , but for those that aren't ...... Fully grown pear trees grow well over the height of a "normal" sized one level home . They don't have very strong branches and are known for breaking . They are also known for their beautiful , but stinky white or pink blossoms that only occur in the Spring . Once they bloom and fall the tree will go back to green leaves as it's d├ęcor . I adore the appearance of these tree's , but their bloom is my current number one enemy . I hadn't really experienced this allergy situation until I moved to Chattanooga . Again , with tree's lining the front of where I lived , I quickly realized the irritation (quiet literally) of allergies .  Minus the annoyance of allergies and the stink of the blooms these tree's are a perfect reminder of the beauty of spring .
I am the kind of person who needs all four seasons ! It may be a sure sign of my commitment phobia and/or attention deficit . There is something simple and extraordinary about each season . With Spring , for me , it is the reminder that just because something appears done , doesn't mean it is .  These pear tree's in the winter are bare . For all appearances sake they look dead , but they aren't , they are simply resting and preparing for a new season . It feels like such a perfect analogy for the current season in my life !! Spring is also a reminder of renewal , forgiveness , and starting fresh . A plant doesn't bloom this Spring thinking about what happened last Spring . Last Spring , Fall, and even the oh so recent Winter are long forgotten once those petals and leaves start to emerge . The most extraordinary part of Spring for me is Easter . I find it no coincidence that we celebrate our Saviors resurrection in the Spring season . The visuals of  death and resurrection are all around , once again with  tree's and plants that appear to dead are coming back to life . Giving us energy , hope , and joy ! Reminding us (ME) that God is faithful to His promises and is always working something for the future .
Spring brings many beauties . What are some of your favorite Spring Things ?! Have you begun to enjoy the warm weather ? Here are a few of my posts from previous Spring seasons . You can find ideas on car washing , what to do with old soda cans ,  DIY Wreaths ,  spring in harsh places , and many other things . These are just a few of many . Please feel free to read older posts and comment . It's never to late to say hell-o !!
This pic is pre-grooming . He looks a bit like Slash from Guns-N-Roses .
Jack is truly excited for Spring . I think it is his favorite season .
Sitting outside , letting the breeze blow his ears , and chasing bunnies .

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