Tuesday, July 1, 2014

~ Summers With Papaw ~

Growing up my summers were mainly spent either at my Great-Grandma Hannah's or at my Grandparents . Mom was a working-single mother so after school and summer vacations I spent Monday through Friday with family watching over me . I don't recall ever really minding it other than having to wake up early . Which by the way is still a pet peeve of mine . There is however one occasion I never minded waking up early for and that was going fishing with my Papaw . Papaw worked for the school system so while his summers weren't completely work free he did have the occasional morning to spend on the lake . Being the only grandchild I was of course his eternal side kick .

I can still recall catching my first blue gill . I was in the middle of a small fishing boat with a grandparent on either side of me . Wearing , of course , a life jacket....that was probably tied to something in case I fell in . I was still too little to know how to swim . That doesn't really matter though . Even if we went out on the lake today Papaw would be sure I had on a life jacket....it is the law after all .  Anyway , I had a child sized fishing pole with bait that had been placed on it for me , when all of a sudden I get that tug !! It's a tug that stops your heart no matter how many years you've spent fishing . With the encouragement (and by encouragement I mean screaming and hand flailing) of my gparents I reeled in the little fish and immediately screamed and went to the other side of the boat . I am not sure what exactly my toddler mind was expecting , but when that little guy came flying out of the water I was suddenly afraid for my life . I have gotten past those little girl , icky fish fears and can proudly bait my own hook and unhook my own fish.....usually .

Today as I took Papaw to another doctor appointment I started thinking about how much our summers have changed . We have gone from him driving me places to me driving him places . We haven't been to the lake in quiet a while , but we both still dream of one day owning one of those fancy speed boats and catching an amazing rock fish of the likes no one has seen . While this time in our lives is probably difficult for us both , but for different reasons , I truly wouldn't be doing anything else . I am glad to be able to help my grandparents out here and there . Not everyone has that opportunity and I am becoming more and more aware of how special it is . While I don't have a "job" yet and that could change any day , I am glad that my "work" for the moment is helping people I love . My family has spent a lot of time watching over me as I grew up and now it is my turn to help watch over them . I am glad to pick up my cousin from school , I am happy to drive Papaw to the doctor or to pick up a few groceries for Mamaw . I am pleased to be with in driving distance of both my parents and able to meet either of them out for a surprise dinner or trip to the mall . I know that all of this could change in a minute so I am doing my best to keep my mind and heart focused on Gods plans and timing for all of our lives .

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