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~ My Favorite Things ~

Alright y'all as much as I would love to be like Oprah with this "Favorite Things" post and "give you a car ! you a car ! you a car !" , that's just not gonna happen . I could possibly give away a lip gloss...possibly , but I don't even know how to go about that at this point . LOL !! Today's post is going to be me sharing a few of m'fave-O-rite things hoping that it will remind you of some of the things that make you irrationally happy . It is so easy and can become such a habit to only see the negative in our worlds . To focus on what isn't happening or what we do not have instead of what is and what we do have . So , lets get started with something fun !!!
“I said pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.”
Marilyn Monroe
I am not sure if it is my age , all the changes in my day-to-day "normal" or what , but I have become an official lipstick addict . I have even recently sent a tube or two to a few of my friends as gifts . I think it is such a lady like and womanly gift to give . It may eventually become a go-to gift to give . I feel so much more feminine and put together when I am wearing lipstick . Don't get it wrong kiddos , I still LOVESSSSSSSSS lip gloss and chap sticks too, but that beautiful tube of wine colored lipstick is currently my cosmetology bliss . Thank you Ashleigh Givens for that beautiful Mary Kay lipstick that seems to have sent me into a lipstick spiral . I would highly encourage you all to dig through your make up bag , borrow your mom's or a friends and give lipstick a try the next time you're getting dolled up to go out .  If you need a "dealer" may I recommend my good friend Ashleigh !!
"Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people" - Dita Von Teese

“A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”
Christian Dior
While we are on the "what makes ya feel like a grown woman" topic , let me introduce perfume to the discussion . Not body spray , not roll on oils , not lotion , but PERFUME !!!! It's become another one of those things that helps me feel oh so womanly and completely put together . It's a gift that my family has enjoyed giving for Christmas every since I was a little girl . Of course back then it was names like "Loves Baby Soft" and Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" instead of Coach or Banana Republic . Kidd you not I would still get giddy if I found a bottle of Baby Soft in my Christmas stocking . I absolutely adored it !!! And again , yes I totally have a bottle of "Love Spell" and "Berry Kiss" body sprays under the sink that I wear , but there is just something about a beautiful bottle with an amazing scent that when you spray/dab it onto your wrists makes you feel like such a lady . It can be romantic , care free or even set the tone for business to be done . "Perfume is the most intense form of memory" - Jean Paul Guerlain . “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.”   ― Coco Chanel 
Sidenote/piece of advice : honeysuckle perfume/spray after a summer storm = worst decision of your life .
“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”
Jane Austen

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”
Mark Twain
Since it is Summer I need to give a nod to "Summer Reads" . Why is it in the Summer we give ourselves permission to read things that are a bit on the light side ? I don't know the answer , but I don't mind the easy reads either . So far this Summer I have spent a bit of time in waiting rooms , making me rather glad of the McKays finds I purchased a while ago . Initially thinking they would make for good coffee table books . I have finished the quick read of Style by Kate Spade and am in the process of reading The Style Strategy by Nina Garcia . I have had to put it down a few times due to interruptions , but I am excited to finish it in the next couple weeks . It is a easy read on "A less is more approach to staying chic and shopping smart" . On the stack of "to-read" is a little paper back by Edith Head called The Dress Doctor , Jennifer Love Hewitts ,  The Day I Shot Cupid and a few other little fun books . Fashion and relationships are always a favorite for me , making these books perfect for Summer reading . Also pictured is my new favorite summer bag !! It is a Lily Bloom cross body bag . Lily Bloom is a eco-friendly company making them even more wonderful in my book . You know how I love to #reducereuserepurpose !! I also got it for a wonderful price through EBATES and Sears Shop Your Way Rewards . Eco-friendly & a good bargain equals retail therapy bliss . Along with my bag there is of course a fashion magazine and my new favorite , circle a word . ELLE has become my FAVE fashion mag . I find myself not just flipping through and gazing at the gorgeous pics , but actually reading articles that are applicable to me , my life , and what I'd like to see happen in my world.....eventually . I also like that it doesn't completely focus the articles on sex and relationships like some other "fashion" mags do . I mean , I get it , we all need that secret go to for certain questions that just can't be asked out loud , but I don't want an entire magazine of it when I got the magazine for the purpose of fashion . So , kudos #ELLEUS !!!! I adore you !! The circle a word is something that has been in my world FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR . Mamaw always has a book with her just in case she needs to pass time . I have done them here and there in the past , but I got this gem "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book at the Dollar Tree and I am glad I spent the $1 .00 . It has helped pass waiting room time for sure . I have decided to adopt Mamaws theory that they are a good thing to keep around for just in case .
Pictured above are my favorites of : Traveling , jewelry , dreaming of Paris , going on walks at the local park and reading outside after , my Nalgene , forever21 sunnies , bargains , witch hazel (the best astringent ever ) and YARDLEYS English Lavender soap . I have eczema on my arms which can be rather embarrassing . After having the doctor prescribe a medicine that ended up being too expensive for me to buy I had to get creative . I started with the norm of things like cortisone and what not . It seemed to only anger it more . After doing a little reading and research I decided to give witch hazel a go . I already had a bottle that cost about a $1.00 from Target and it seemed to be helping , but not completely . I then tried a combination which included changing my soap . I had a coupon (of course) for Yardley and had read a lot of wonderful things about it . EUREKA !! It worked . I am so excited and happy that this $2 .00 remedy worked for me . It was a glorious alternative to the $100.00 prescription . I am hoping to stock up on Yardley soon .  I read the Dollar Tree Coupon Policy and am thinking it will be a great resource for that . I noticed just today that they had Yardley English Lavender on one of their shelves . I suggest Yardley even if you don't have a skin condition that needs some love . It is a wonderful , delicate soap and Lavender is a natural relaxant . BONUS !!
I was taking a pic of the DVDs and someone thought
he was suppose to be in front of the camera .
I blame myself . I am "that" mom that blinds her baby with the flash of a camera .
 ALLLLL m'friends know I love me a good binge-a-thon . Gossip Girl , Gilmore Girls , The Big Bang Theory , The West Wing , & FRIENDS are some of my favorite go-to binge box sets . Back when I didn't have cable the box set and my dvd player where my best friends on a rainy , snowy , or sick day . That is actually how I feel in love with the idea of a box set/binge-a-thons . I was living in my first "all my own" tiny one bedroom apartment in Virginia and was extremely sick . It was just after Christmas and I had gotten a Gilmore Girls box set as a gift . All my friends were still away for the Holidays and I think there was a fresh snow on the ground . So , while I sat on my "hand me down busted" couch , sick as could be , I popped in the box set . It helped me get my mind off my pain and made me feel not so alone in that tiny apartment . To this day when I am "shut-it" sick I go to my Gilmore Girl box sets for relief and brain candy . And if you don't know by now that Jack Davis is a favorite then I'm not sure I can even talk to you .

Ebe's 30th BDay - DC Weekend
(why are we in front of the White House & yet the WH isn't in our picture ?!)
#brainfreeze #tourist #whydidn'tthelocalthinkofit

Bowling w the Gparents on a break fr college .
I would hope it goes with out saying that my family and friends are ABSOLUETLY MY FAVORITES !!! Everything I am , everything I have , everything that is to come is because of my friends and family . We travel together , we text constantly , we are as close now as when we lived in the same place , and we make a point to take time to spend together . Being intentional is half the battle in ANY relationship !!! I am excited to see several of my FUHouse roomies next week . They will be a few counties over and I plan to go visit for a day . I get giddy just thinking about hugging their necks and squeezing their babies !! Family - "forgetaboutittttt" (said as Joey Tribiani) . This time in my life has had its highs and lows . With out my family to support and love me even on my dark days I would never survive . I love that they love Jack Davis as if he where a "real boy" . I kinda think they like him more than me . Which is alright . I suppose he has fewer mood swings . My extended family is just as amazing . You can read a few of their hilarious gems HERE in one of my past posts . When I tell people stories about my family they tend to believe the stories are made up or "Stacie edited".......until they meet my family . After that , all doubt is removed .
Last , but definitely not least on my FAVORITE list is of course none other than STARBUCKS !! I realize that yes I can make coffee in my house for much cheaper . I do !! However , every now and then you just need that cup and that smell that only comes from starbucks beverages . It may be and probably is just mental , but it seriously brings a calm that tells me everything is gonna be alright . This starbucks purchase was actually FREE !!! In my past post  "Earn When You Spend" , I mention several companies that reward you for using their product . Kelloggs is one of those companies . (another one of my favorite things is cereal and rewards) When you purchase a Kelloggs brand item there will be a code printed inside the box . You can go to www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com , create an account(for free) , and start entering those codes into your account . As they add up you can use them in the Kelloggs shop for items such as reuseable totes (another one of my faves) , kitchen tools , books , magazines and even STARBUCKS !!! In my experience it is worth the few minutes it takes to enter the codes . I mean , I am going to buy cereal anyway I might as well get a reward for it !! RIGHT ?!! That's one of my grocery shopping motto's . Every now and then companies that have such programs will send you a "bonus reward" that isn't deducted from your points simply for being a member of the program . One of those rewards in the past has been a Shutterfly photo book . Photo books can cost close to $40.00 w/shipping and all . Making photo books one of my favorite bonus' to receive . I will be writing a post soon about a Shutterfly project I am working on courtesy of a reward bonus so, stay tuned .  My most recent Kellogg family reward was a $5.00 Starbucks gift card !!! GLORY !!! It was easy to "purchase" , download to my Starbucks account and then transfer to my smart phone . That's right , you don't even need the actual in had card to pay . All you do is download the Starbucks Ap  to your smart phone (recommend because they often send you free music , aps and books for downloading ~ music & free is M'FAVORITE) and then you can transfer/load gift cards to your account . You'll have a "pay" link on your ap that creates a bar code for the barista to scan and deduct/add from/to your Starbucks Gift Cards . It's wonderful , easy and makes giving/getting gift cards such a simple thing . Yesterday , being Monday , I had several things on my to-do list . I was even overwhelmed by the idea of to-do's in days to come . So , I decided that even though my town doesn't have a Starbucks I was going to use that gift card . I drove a county over and got a beautiful grande white mocha . The 20 minute drive back to my county was the most blissful part of my day . It may end up being the most blissful part of the week . Don't you judge me !! It was a doctor recommend outing . #truestory #prescriptionforstarbucks
I hope that you've enjoyed glimpsing my favorite things and that this post has brought to mind the things that bring you bliss on an overwhelming day . Sometimes it really is the little "things" in life that make it a bit more bearable .
If you have to be told that this is one of my faves then
I question the validity of our friendship .

How is your Summer going ?
What are a few of your FAVORITE things ?

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