Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mini - Muffins ~ Quick Fix

Through out the posts in the Faith Journals you will see "Quick Fix" posts . This is me just sharing with you something that made my life a little easier and didn't take too much time or money . Some of them you may have already thought of or you may be like myself and this is the first you've heard of it . For me each "Quick Fix" was a "ah-ha" moment or a "Why have I never thought of this before ?" moment . So , if you are in the "I already thought of that . " category , please try not to judge me too harshly for my slowness .

Today's  "Quick Fix" involves breakfast for seven . This week a few of my besties spent a few days in a city near mine . So , we of course made some time to spend together . Before meeting up with them I wanted to make something to help out this week with their meal plan . They had 4 children with them 6 and under in age . In order to save some money and make the most of the time together they did the grocery/take turns cooking route . Which I think is great when you are staying in a facility with a kitchen ! I wanted to make something that would last for a few days , be kid friendly , as well as adult friendly and of course yummy ! I am not sure why , but I didn't come to this conclusion until the day before I was heading their way . So , in addition to these requirements I needed something quick and easy . One of my Chattanooga besties , Amanda , always keeps muffin packets on hand in her kitchen . Well , at least she use too when we lived in Chatt . I am sure she still does , especially now that she has three little ones to keep fed . I had never really given these packets much thought in the grocery until after a visit to Amanda's . Her husband was out of town , they lived way out in the boonies , so she had Jack and I stay over for extra company . She probably wanted Jacks intense dog ability to hear ANYTHING for a alarm system . LOL !! Anyway , the next morning for breakfast she whipped up a couple batches of muffins with coffee for breakfast . It was scrumptious ! Ever since I have made sure to keep a pack in my cub bard for a quick breakfast or to-go snack .

With that in mind I decided these quick muffin packs would make for the perfect thing to take to my friends and their kids . I figured they'd be great for breakfast with coffee for the adults or milk/juice for the kids . Be handy little post pool time snacks or even be good to have in the car for their drive home and if all else failed they could feed them to the wild life near their cabin ! So , I purchased 5 packs in a variety of flavors (blueberry , apple cinnamon , chocolate - chocolate chip , and banana nut) . Each pack was less than $1.00  , makes 6 "normal" muffins , takes about 15 minutes to baked and only requires a half cup of milk . Since I wanted this treat to also be appealing to little hands I decided to make mini-muffins along with the "normal" sized muffins . When all was said and done I had spent less than $5.00 , less than a hour , two and half cups of milk, and made several dozen mini - muffins and about a dozen (ish) normal size muffins . I used the Martha White brand , but there are a variety of others out there and a few that you can use water instead of milk . I just prefer this brand after trying the others .
Muffins Cooling - My discipline is improving  .
I did not eat not even one muffin prior to
delivering them to my friends .
I used a picnic type bowl to transport them in since I didn't have anything large enough or easy enough to travel with . I lined the bowl with pretty napkins , put the larger muffins on the bottom and the mini muffins on top and then covered it with foil to keep them fresh . I keep a small box in the back of my car for transporting items that I don't want to tip over and the bowl fit perfectly .

Super cute cup cake liners to make them
easy to grab and less mess . I had these
liners on hand after purchasing them from
Easter clearance items . There is nothing "Easter" per say about them .
I suppose it I their spring colors . Anyway , the liners ended up being super handy
and totally worth the quarter or two I spent on them .
The day I delivered (a Tuesday) them we sure did end up eating a few post pool time to hold us over until dinner . By Thursday when I meet back up with my friends they reported back that all the muffins had been eaten and enjoyed !! I was so glad to have been able to donate a little something to their meal plans and that the adults and children enjoyed them so much ! Super easy , super inexpensive and super yummy !!! My kind of a "Quick Fix" !!

These little packets have also come in handy when I have guests to make breakfast for or are trying to get on the road before breakfast time . They are a easy to-go food . Feel free to click on the high lighted links through out this blog for other "Quick Fix" posts found through out the Faith Journals . What have you done/baked/created lately that would fit into the "Quick Fix" category ?! Feel free to share with us !!! We all could use a little help making life a little more simple .

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