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~ New Music Monday ~ December 7th ~ Dear Santa ~

I am dedicating this weeks #NewMusicMonday to Santa and the wish lists we send him each year . Now , I don't know about you , but I am positive I am on the nice list . I'm almost sure of it . I mean , other than that one thing , that one time at that place ...... I have been super nice all year . Enough about me . It isn't too late to add any of these sweet selections to your wish list . Below are artists that have been featured on #NewMusicMonday , CD's or downloads that I already have and feel you should too , and/or are on my wish list as well . Cause I mean , what am I , a Rockefeller ?! SideNote : I have been struggling with a migraine all weekend . So , if any of my written thoughts make no sense , let us choose , at least for this week , to blame my #MigraineBrain . Now , onto wicked sweet tunes .

Lets go ahead and state the obvious.....

Kip Moore - Wild Ones - If you thought any other artist would be on the top of my list you have not been paying attention . First of all , the in store cut and the online cuts of this album are different . If you purchase the download deluxe version you get three more tracks than what is on the in hand version . I of course own both . I don't even care if you judge me . Going through my CD bin I found three , I repeat THREE of the same Keith Urban album . I have no clue how I got two of them . Clearly I have hoarding issues as well as musical FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) . So , owning only two of Wild Ones is actually progress . The Wild Ones tour just finished its' Fall leg and will hit the road again in 2016 headed to mid - America , Canada , and the West Coast . I also believe they may be doing some Aussie dates . You can check Kips site for further details , purchasing tickets , etc . would make for a great Valentines present . Yes , once again , I am already thinking of Valentines ideas . I'm a pre-planner and can't control it .

Kip Moore - Running For You - Current Single

Eric Church - Mr. Misunderstood - dropped secretly the night of the CMA's and has been charting since . I do not own this album yet , but have heard and read nothing but goodness from it . It is on my list to Santa . The fact he dropped a free copy to his die hard fans causes me to believe that despite his bad boy style , Church is on Santa's nice list .

Chris Stapelton - Traveler - Has done 2.5 million-ish , I believe I read , sales wise since his performance with Justin Timberlake on the CMA's - That's just about a month ago.....meaning that is some mad climbing . Just goes to show how much the art of craftsmanship and performance plays . It would seem that no has doubted that Stapelton could experience this kind of success . Everyone was just waiting for him to get his shot . Well , he got that shot and aimed square at the bulls eye . Sharp shooting Stapelton !

Chris Stapelton - Tennessee Whiskey fr " Traveler "

Carrie Underwood - Storytellers - Just released her second video and single from the album titled , " Heartbeat " . The audio can be found on last weeks #NewMusicMonday if you wanna take a listen . But lets all be real honest with ourselves . It's Carrie . Vocally , she can do no wrong . So . Even if you bought it without YouTubing some of the tracks I doubt you'd be disappointed . There is a YouTube video of the writers and producers listening to the final tracks while being unknowingly videoed and it's awesome . If you got time to spare and need a giggle I vote you give it a watch .

Adele - 25 - Because Adele . I mean , do I need to say more ? Hello !!! 25 seems to have broken basically every record ever . So . Just go get it . Right now . Stop reading . Like , put this on pause or whatever and go .

Little Big Town - Pain Killers - About this time last year , give or take a month " Girl Crush " was preparing to hit radio and I was blogging about the madness and idiocy of people requesting it be banned from radio play . Well , I suppose LBT and normal thinking people showed them . " Girl Crush " won song of the year at CMA's and almost immediately landed at the top of all charts . It stayed at the #1 slot on GAC - Country Countdown for weeks .

Little Big Town - Girl Crush fr Pain Killers

From one of my very first #NewMusicMonday postings , I recommend The Lone Bellow's , " Then Came the Morning " . I love the entire CD and can listen to it front to back with out feeling the need to skip a track .

Kacey Musgraves - Pageant Material - I have featured several Musgraves tunes on the #NewMusicMonday posts . I love her style !! Writing , performing , singing , fashion , I love it all !! I wanna be Kacey Musgraves when I grow up is basically what I am saying here . Pageant Material is one that I don't own the entire album yet . Mainly because I want the actual vinyl copy and I just haven't been around to look for it in stores . Not all stores carry vinyl . So .

Dierks Bentley - Riser - I have shared several of Bentlys tunes as well on #NewMusicMonday and I am still so in love with " Bourbon in Kentucky " that I listen to it on full blast while singing at the top of my lungs whiles driving to and fro . Again , you're welcome car beside me at the red light . You . Are . Welcome . I also , wanna recommend " Up On the Ridge " a more earthy , blue grassy offering Bentley did several years ago . I just kinda feel like Dierks can do no wrong . He is the guy you want to see do well .

Sam Hunt - Montevallo EP - Not a full length album , but it will not leave you disappointed . It took me a minute to warm up to Hunt . But now that I have , I can't wait to see/hear what the next album is like . Hunt is also the male BGV's on Underwood's " Heartbeat " track . Fun trivia for ya there .

The Shires - Brave - A band out of the UK , they spent several dates on tour with Little Big Town just last month . I hope they will tour in the Spring with other American bands in the US . I love the album and could so easily hear it on US radio . Their harmonies are on point , making them the perfect opener for a band like LBT . It is my understanding they have written with Kip Moore , am I the only one who would love to hear that tune ?! I didn't think so .

The Shires - Brave fr " Brave "

Cam - Burning Houses - Cam's first disc is a EP that features her current climbing hit , " Burning Houses " . I love this song so much . I get all the feels when listening to it . Her voice is gorgeous and for what is out there right now I feel it is really unique .

To Be Released : The following albums are still TBR (to be released) , but have produced a single that is currently downloadable . IDK that's a word , but I'm gonna say it is for this situation . Downloadable .

Clare Dunn - Move On - I believe that at the moment only the single or a EP (Extended Play - bigger than just one single , less than a 10-12 track CD) is available for purchase for Clare . She is a new artist and is currently touring with Chris Young on the " Coming Over " tour . I would advise looking her up on iTunes or amazon to download " Move On " . I LOVE IT !!!! And am finally starting to hear it on my local radio stations . Clare is on her way up and I highly recommend giving her a listen . Girls with guitars can't help but be awesome . It's just who they are .

The Cadillac Three - White Lightening - White Lightening vinyl is currently available for pre-order at the bands web site . TCT will be hitting some of the Spring tour dates with Kip Moore and the Slow Hearts . I feel like , we should just go ahead and call the cops , because there ain't no way you're walking out of that show anything less than fired up . I kinda can't wait to see all that comes from it . Not just the hilarious #insta's and tweets that I am confident will be shared , but also the possibility of a single coming from Moore and Johnston . They have written together in the past , but neither have recorded any of their tunes so far . Fingers crossed !!

The Cadillac Three - White Lightening

Thompson Square - Trans Am - I haven't read or heard the details of the original release for TSquares upcoming album , but the announcement of their pregnancy I am sure played a roll in scheduling . I believe the duo is taking a baby break over the holidays and preparing for T3 to arrive . You can keep up to date on all info via their site . In the mean time go download " Trans Am " .

Meredith Andrews - Soar - Coming this spring Andrews will release what I believe is her 3rd or 4th studio album . The single " Soar " is currently available for download at iTunes , etc . I love all of Meredith's work . I feel , much like Underwood , vocally , she can do no wrong .

The Band Perry - Live Forever - " Live Forever " , the first single off The Band Perry's forthcoming album has been working the charts for months now . And just several weeks ago the band announced they are pushing it's release date to early 2016 sometime . Stating that after working on finishing touches they got struck by the creativity bug and ended up wanting to rework the album a bit . That's alright with me ! I love TBP and feel like if in the 11th hour they came up with something that inspired them so much they felt they needed to push the album , then I trust it is worth the wait .

AGAIN , I want to remind you that as a music lover , radio listener and TV Watcher you have POWER !!!!! Call, text , tweet , insta , facebook , e-mail or snail mail those requests to your local stations . Requesting your favorite artists tunes is one of the quickest/easiest/cheapest ways to support them . It only takes a second and can be done while waiting in traffic (on a speaker of course ) , waiting for a meeting , whatever !!!! Make the call ! Make the request ! Make the difference in your fave artists career !!! Yes , it's that big of a deal . Trust me .

I will be taking a holiday break from #NewMusicMonday for the next several weeks . I may do a few other type posts , but we will see . I have a lot swirling about in my mind . I hope that I have given you enough material to keep your ipod on shuffle for the rest of your Holiday and well into the New Year . Looking forward to what 2016 has not only for music , but for myself . Thank you all for your continued support in reading , commenting , and simply being supportive of The Faith Journals . It means a lot to me .

Merry Christmas Y'all !!!
A little throw back for ya . Maraiah Carey Christmas Album
I believe it is the best selling Christmas album of all time .
Again , another fun fact for ya . I hope you get to play some trivia over the holidays .
I have really set you up for some winning .

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