Saturday, October 17, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ " Let the Leaves Fall "

I apologize for the quality . It is from my #Instagram . #regram
Something about this wording hit me hard . There is so much to be learned from the changing of the seasons . My thoughts tonight are something like , how do we truly let go and trust Him to restore what we lose in the letting go ??!! It's hard . I suppose that is why the leaves do not all fall at once . Letting go is a process . Trusting that when things on the surface look dead , there is a deeper something happening . Believing that all that is lost will be restored . It's all a process . It all takes time . 🍷 Here is to the letting go and accepting the process . There is a reason for the seasons . Take what life is giving you , one season at a time . You are loved .

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