Monday, October 19, 2015

~ New Music Monday ~ Oct. 19th ~ But For Real.....~ these right this instant !! I just finished texting with a friend about my possible addiction to music . I mean , y'all , it's go to rehab bad . I have always loved music . But I think the older and more knowledgeable about the varied areas I get , my passion only grows .  I grew up with my mom giving piano lessons to my cousins in our home . Both of my grandparents , all of my ya-ya's , uncles and cousins just about, sing or play . I took piano for a while , sang in choirs , and even worked with varied touring artists in different capacities . It has been a long while since I have been able to identify a true passion of mine . It's been a struggle to feel nothing about everything . But with every #NewMusicMonday I am reminded of how much music is apart of my DNA . I truly hope that through these posts I am sharing new songs and artists with fellow music lovers . This week there are two possibly new to you artists on the #NewMusicMonday list . I loved this music so much I have listened to it AAAAAALLLLLLLL weekend and even broke out a few bucks from the bday money fund to purchase them . I mean , it's bday money . Some of it is suppose to be for something fun and not just bill paying . Right ?! I thought so too . Here are this weeks #NewMusicMonday tunes/artists..........
The Shires - " Only Midnight "
fr " Brave " - Deluxe Album
Uhm , The Shires are the best thing from across the pond since..........( insert your favorite thing from the UK here ) . I came across The Shires when another artist I follow posted a pic after a writing session with them . Yes , that is one of the many ways folks hear about new music and artists . So , social media isn't completely useless . LOL !! I believe they are currently technically considered apart of the country music genre . However , I am unsure they fully belong there . I am not all about genre's . I feel that as most music progresses we are going to find it difficult to separate one genre from another . Anywho , this tune from the duo has been played about 50 my house . I LOVE IT!!! I . LOVE . IT . LOVE IT !!! I'm not a " love song " person per say , but this one just has me . It has me so , that I downloaded the entire album . So far , so great !!! The Shires also do a cover on this record of " Islands in the Streams " (originally recorded by Kenny Rogers and Dolly ) that is well worth a download . It's remincent and new all at the same time .  I want to start hearing this duo on my local radio so , it is on my to-do to call in and start making some requests . If you wanna find out more about The Shires or to hear some samples click on this link .
Next on #NewMusicMonday is an artist called Elle King . I heard this track once by random in the car and immediately needed to YouTube it so I could hear it again.....and again and again . Girl friend has some sass and you know how I respect sass when used properly . This jam just has be dancing all over the place and singing into my hair brush . See also my " I'm not a love song " person statement from above , this song is the opposite of a love song . It's more of a " thanks . see ya later . on to the next . " kind of song.....and I kinda like that . I love the idea of it being the guy that can't seem to let go . Time they taste their own medicine kind of a vibe . Elle is so new to me that I barely could tell you anything beyond she is a platinum blond w some serious sass factor and is currently touring with Vance Joy . Someone else I need to share with you if you haven't already heard of him . I haven't heard any of her other tunes yet , but plan to do so . Anyway , give it a listen girls !! And maybe you fella's should hear it too . You know , as a warning . Some of us just aren't the attachment type . To read up on Elle for yourself click on this .
Elle King - "Ex's & Oh's"
Selena Gomez - " Same ol' Love "
fr - " Revival "
Last this #NewMusicMonday is a grown up graduate from Mickey Mouse Club and former Belieber . O.K . So , we are all watching from the outside , but can I just say I am so happy for Ms . Gomez to be done with Beiber ??!!! I know , who even cares ??!!! Apparently , I do . Anyone see the clip of a backstage run in where Selena see's Justin , kisses him on the cheek and Taylor Swift , Gomez's bff keeps walking whilst rolling her eyes ??!! Well , I am Taylor Swift on this topic . If you haven't seen that clip you should YouTube it . It's basically the only mean face I've seen Swift ever make . Back to topic , Selena Gomez has released two tracks off her newest album , " Revival " . I have liked both of them , but for very different reasons . The tune I am sharing with you is called , " Same ol' Love " , and has a fun arrangement that makes all the " I'm over it " type lyrics less eye rolly . I feel like you might need to know me to fully understand that statement . Hopefully you don't and totally get what I'm trying to say . LOL !!!
All the tunes mentioned in this #NewMusicMonday post can be found on #iTunes . I am sure they can be found a few other places , but that was my downloading source .
What have you been listening to as the seasons change ? I always feel like Fall is a Mumford and Sons listening kind of season . But that's just me . Please feel free to share your play list suggestions with us in the comment section !!! Follow me on #Insta for blog post updates , etc . Don't forget that as a listener you have the power to get the tunes you love airplay . I have recently saved the local stations numbers in my phone for song requesting purposes . The power of the song cycle is in your hands !!!Happy Listening and downloading!!

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