Monday, October 5, 2015

~ Butterfly Flutterby ~ My Snow White-ness is Inherited ~

October 2015
Several days ago I posted the above pic to my Instagram . I saw this beautiful butterfly sitting on my grandparents car port . As I bent down to take a pic , ooh and aww over it Jack Davis came through like a bull in a china shop . He surely stepped right on this delicate thing with out even noticing . After going in and chatting with my grandparents for awhile , I told them about the butterfly outside . As I went to leave we checked and the butterfly was still in the same spot in the same position lightly fluttering its wings . Mamaw being the curious George she is , picked it up by the wing to inspect . I thought if this poor thing isn't dead I am sure it wants to be .
My Snow White tendencies are apparently inherited . The days following this little interaction all Mamaw seemed to be concerned about was the butterfly on the porch . She continued to check on it through out the day and she even asked if I knew what butterflies eat . Mamaw is forever concerned with everyone being fed properly , or over properly . I told her what I thought and she went back to tending to the insect . Today when checking in with Mamaw & Papaw she was very happy to say that she had brought the butterfly into the house for her and papaw to discuss what they could do to help it . Which I of course was tickled by , however after their discussion and inspection she decided just to take it back out side with a cap of water for it to drink from if it wanted . Much to her bliss after taking the butterfly back out side it took off from her hand and back into the woods . It hadn't seemed to be able to hover more than 5 or 6 inches after Jacks trampling so , this was a real surprise . She said she came back into the house praising the Lord !!! It made her feel so much better that it was able to get back to it's normal comings and goings .
All this to say , how many people do you know that would be this concerned and grateful over something like a butterfly ??!! A INSECT !!!!! My question is , how do I become the kind of person that is THIS concerned over ALL of God's creatures ?! Family is family and much like Vegas , what happens there , stays there . But , I must say at 82 and just shy of 88 my grandparents are still teaching me every day what it is to love like Christ . They don't get out and about very often and really can't , but they do what they can with their small neck of the woods . Literally .
On this #MotivationMonday I would hope this silly little tale would encourage and challenge you wherever you are , to do whatever you can , for whomever needs . Talk about a actual visual of Matthew 25:40 ! LOL !!
Matthew 25:40 King James Version (KJV) " And the King shall answer and say unto them , Verily I say unto you , In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto Me . "

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