Saturday, October 17, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Insecurity Spill Over ~

I have been thinking quiet a bit about insecurities the last few days . How much control they can have over even the most confident of us . Everyone has them . I don't know it is possible to not have any . But , I think my truest issue with insecurities is not just the control it can have over you , your person alone . I take issue with when our insecurities spill over onto others . I have been a victim of the insecurity spill over and I am sure I have been guilty of spilling over . That should never happen !!!! Never allow YOUR insecurity to make someone else insecure . Fighting ones own insecurities with the truth of Gods grace is difficult all on its own . The weight of yours along with mine is almost unbearable . Let grace make us secure . This is a topic I would love to expound further on , but I don't feel like I have all my thoughts in a way that they can be expressed yet . Till then , let's remind one another how fearfully and wonderfully we are made . Accepting ones self is a feeling/truth that is hard to attain and even harder to retain . Hand out a complement or two and see how it not only makes the one complemented feel good , but you too . 
Apologize for the quality of pic .
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You are loved gorgeous !!! Settle for nothing or no one less than God's best for you .

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