Saturday, October 17, 2015

~ Insta Blog ~ Misfit Black Sheep ~

" I'm a black sheep , looking for other misfits to keep me company ." j . iron word

What a gift it is not to fit in . I love that statement ! Life isn't always about finding who you are as much as it is about finding who you are not . If that makes sense to ya . I'm not concerned with having tons of friends . I am concerned with having the right kind of friends for who I am . As you head into this weekend I would challenge you to look around . Are the folks you're giving your time to lifting you up or dragging ya down ?!! I pray lifting you up . I'd rather be alone , potentially lonely and true to who God has made me than with the wrong group and still feel all alone . It isn't quantity, it's quality . Look around . Happy Weekend Y'all !!!

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